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Latest sightings in Akron:
  • 2099-08-20 - From the night sky 4 bright twinkling colored balls appeared, hovering over our heads then moving to the sky to a large ball of light.
  • 2098-11-11 - Looking at sky before entering work building. Observed orange fireball. Object was observed while standing in parking lot. Clear sky, n
  • 2097-06-15 - Me and my frend saw a bright light.
  • 2088-04-04 - 1 light split into 3,hovered, then flew away
  • 2077-10-05 - I think I saw either an alien transport or God doing something wonderful.
  • 2076-09-25 - large ball of light, made no sound
  • 2068-06-15 - Disk in the City
  • 2016-06-29 - My boyfriend and I were having a bonfire when he noticed a strange object in the sky moving east; it looked as though it was on fire bu
  • 2016-02-06 - 20-30 multicolored fast moving orbs seen over Akron, Ohio.
  • 2015-07-24 - Rectangular, almost square, a little smaller than the Goodyear blimp, no lights, gray color
  • 2015-06-09 - Red lights just on but and white lights flashing and it moved horizontally and vertically with ease
  • 2010-09-06 - quit, triangular shaped but elongated. Lights on three corners. Huge!
  • 2009-09-09 - Shape shifting worm like ufo
  • 2009-08-01 - Flame in the sky.
  • 2008-08-04 - Moving Star ((NUFORC Note: Possible star?? PD))
  • 2008-04-14 - sphere crosses night sky
  • 2007-09-16 - I was walking through the local university campus Sunday the 16th of September. I was the only person walking on the commons area at th
  • 2006-07-07 - noticed a very "twinkly" star and wanted to photograph it.. played around with settings and took a series of shots
  • 2006-04-27 - silent night lights
  • 2006-04-04 - Bright white to reddish orange in the sky looked like a shooting star, until it stopped in mid air.
  • 2005-08-24 - Very high and stationery object sighted.
  • 2004-11-08 - disk in the sky in akron ohio
  • 2004-07-28 - Silver disk viewed flying in and out of clouds
  • 2004-06-27 - sightings in akron ohio multi colored and shaped object
  • 2004-01-01 - SMALL POINT OF LIGHT
  • 2003-08-27 - We saw 2 bright stars that were stationary and started moving (keeping the same distance apart) and disappeared after 15-20 seconds.
  • 2002-07-03 - white oval object seemed to move out of our site straight up and gone
  • 2001-11-03 - Last night in my sisters back yard I video tape a large yellow/ white looking star, I have seen this star many times before, We have ma
  • 2001-07-25 - round orbs in the middle of the day


Akron [2] is a medium sized city located in the Northeast Ohio region in Summit County in the State of Ohio in the United States.
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