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Latest sightings in Alhambra:
  • 2099-10-02 - Luminous green object seen in slow descent before winking out.
  • 2077-09-15 - "People of Earth; unite and love each other"
  • 2009-05-18 - bright light lit up Alhambra, CA 12:45am, so bright that all street lights turn off
  • 2006-03-25 - Bright flash of light and streak of light over Alhambra, CA
  • 2003-10-10 - 3 Black ovals in the sky and a floating movie camera
  • 2003-08-30 - I heard many stories ,but this time I witnessed it.
  • 2002-10-04 - UFO Sighting near Los Angeles
  • 2002-05-13 - This craft was NOT unidentified. It was in fact a P-2 Orion used primarily as an electronic intelligence gathering craft.

    What I fo
  • 2000-11-17 - v-shaped formation 25-30 craft very high, very fast.
  • 2000-03-02 - While golfing I and six others observed a single round solid object in n/e sky. It broke into 3 objects smaller than the 1st, then form


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