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Latest sightings in Ann Arbor:
  • 2099-04-25 - Early evening - sky not yet dark, planets just beginning to appear. I was outside on the deck looking in the southeast sky trying to f
  • 2097-03-27 - a red/orange flashing light that streaked aross the sky and took a 90 degree left turn.
  • 2096-09-18 - Falling white light made "u" turn and disappeared.
  • 2095-06-14 - Woman & friend witness "green ball of light" streak across sky, descend below overcast, & stop. Hovered, streaked off. Good rept.
  • 2094-08-07 - Observed 3 objects flying in a tri-angular (or V) shaped pattern... I pulled my car over and got out of car to watch them pass...appear
  • 2066-03-14 - dr. hynek, of project blue book, stated that he believed that a certain sighting was the "real thing".
  • 2009-09-14 - Craft flashing many colors near Ann Arbor, MI
  • 2008-07-20 - Two black triangular craft seen hovering over Ann Arbor airport.
  • 2008-02-27 - suspected ufo over Ann Arbor
  • 2007-07-15 - I was looking at some clouds through my binoculars directly over my house and just happen to see something quick move in a straight lin
  • 2006-01-02 - Probable HOAX: 5 ufos, silent black objects, moving slowly
  • 2005-11-22 - Bright white light hung in the night sky with flashing lights that radiated in all directions from it. I watched for an hour then left.
  • 2005-08-19 - seen lights over near the football stadium. realized they were to close, so i pulled off on the side street and got out of the car i looked up and it was a V shape almost like a steath bommer. I pulled ou to the main road and got the attention of other drivers they all seen it. I called my neighbors who i just left and told her and my other girlfrtiend who lived a block over they also seen it..it was very quiet 3 lights moving very slow like it was just hanging there. I called the washtenaw county sherrif and they said that they also have had severl calls re: the same thing, we called the local airport (willow run ) and they said they have nothing on the radiar.
  • 2005-02-27 - a round object hovering in the sky.
  • 2004-08-19 - Triangular shaped object seen on Aug, 19, 2004 near Ann Arbor, MI
  • 2002-08-20 - It was beyond our concept of reality and was therefore very disturbing.
  • 2001-06-27 - Translucent egg-shaped balloon like object in early morning sky in Ann Arbor, MI.
  • 2000-11-04 - three red glowing balls following eachother like follow the leader in the night sky.
  • 2000-08-12 - A flat gray oval made a 90 degree change in direction in less than 5 seconds.
  • 2000-03-27 - My first impression was that I was looking at 2 commercial jet airliners moving together, side by side with their spotlights on. When

Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor [1] — often abbreviated as AA or A2 — is in southeast Michigan, 35 miles north of the Ohio border and 45 miles west of Detroit, near where the furthest exurban fringes give way to country and small towns. Founded in 1824, it was originally named "Annarbour" after the two founders' wives (Ann Allen and Mary Ann Rumsey) and an arbor of burr oak trees on the village site (although some have theorized that the name arose from an arbor of roses or grapes). Today the city has a population of 114,024 people (as of 2000), not including the transient college students, or the thousands of visitors who come to town for football games and various festivals. Ann Arbor is a picturesque city surrounding the University of Michigan. It has a strong bent toward the arts, and an attractive and pedestrian-friendly downtown. Although some find Ann Arbor to be overpriced and pretentious, particularly during the Art Fair season, others enjoy the city's wonderful sidewalk cafe dining, unique shops, lots of bookstores and abundant cultural opportunities.
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