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Latest sightings in Arlington:
  • 2099-11-14 - This object is in the SE sky, to the left of the moon and has been seen each night for 4 days. It is even there when the clouds are so
  • 2099-10-25 - coming on to I-20 going toward dallas, i saw what looked like a black ball suspended over the shopping mall complex to my left.
  • 2099-09-12 - We saw two objects flying in the air in Darlington.
  • 2099-09-10 - Sitting on couch watching TV and saw out my window a large 'falling star' entering from the west and falling earthward.
  • 2099-07-12 - One vehicle stopped and changed directions. The other vehicle approached and they circled each other. Then one left heading south and
  • 2098-11-09 - Standing in driveway, saw a strange craft; weird altitude for airplane. It made no sound, and moved with speed of the clouds...as if hi
  • 2098-09-29 - A series of 10 lights moving across the sky in a straight line
  • 2098-04-15 - Were those points of light really satellites?
  • 2097-07-27 - Just went to bed, glanced out window and saw a white/yellow light in trees. Told friend, got binocluars and looked at it through them,
  • 2097-07-26 - At 3:20 a.m. I looked out the peephole in the door, and I saw a white object in the sky outside my house. It changed shapes,ovals, tria
  • 2097-05-27 - As I was on my way home, I glanced to the right and saw 2 disk-shaped objects high in the sky. They seemed to be moving VERY fast. Afte
  • 2096-09-16 - 1 st may I just say , I saw on this sight listed occurred 9/16/1996..... and at 6 pm person traveling from concord massachusetts on rou
  • 2096-04-05 - a craft hovered over a barn on the side of the road and put a spotlight in my car
  • 2095-11-17 - MUFON member relays multiple reports about people who witnessed "pink and blue flashes" same night as sightings over Seattle.
  • 2095-08-12 - I was out packing groceries in and I noticed a pink colored glow across the street I went in and put groceries down and went out again
  • 2095-07-24 - Man repts. seeing "whole sky light up." Flash appeared to be from very high up, very bright, stationary, and cast shadows.
  • 2095-07-20 - 3 stars circle, join and fly away
  • 2095-06-09 - Husband, wife, and child witness a bizarre, conical-shaped obj., white w/ tinge of green, move across sky. "Bigger than moon."
  • 2095-05-27 - 2 men witness "blue meteorite" descend at 45 deg. very fast. Obj. had very small tail, "like flame from Space Shuttle." Good rept.
  • 2094-09-15 - Comm. pilot repts. multiple, "almost translucent" objects streaking directly over his home in Fall l994.
  • 2094-08-15 - Saw a disk a few years back, about junior year of high school...was standing in back yard...
  • 2094-05-31 - Driving home at dusk,my wife and I saw a saucer shaped craft fly directly overhead at tree top level,the craft had a circle of lights o
  • 2093-12-01 - Enormous UFO Arlington, Texas
  • 2090-05-05 - Object sighted in bi-noc while stargazing. Object in sight for approx 2.5 3.0 sec due to other object in sight (tree) object moved fa
  • 2088-09-15 - Blade sound passes overhead while photographing wildlife at night.
  • 2085-07-28 - a object entering the area at a 45 degree angle, turning the sky a bright green. The object slowed down and finally went level and lig
  • 2084-04-05 - I have a childhood memory of looking out front window, and seeing a glowing, pink house floating in the sky. When I read the book Comm
  • 2077-06-15 - My Father, sister and my self saw a disc shaped craft, it looked like a classic "Bell" shaped saucer over Arlington Hts and rolling Mea
  • 2075-06-23 - The three craft slowly came in from the west and turned north.
  • 2075-06-23 - Three rounded, triangular objects leisurely moving from West to North over an 8-minute period.
  • 2072-06-20 - I was stopped at a stop sign. A Nike Site was on my left. A saucer the size of a small car hovered over the hood of my car and then b
  • 2061-07-16 - Saucer shaped object hovering near flight path of O'Hare Airport at about same level as airplanes going in for a landing
  • 2052-07-13 - 1952 green disc-shaped object circling over Washington, DC area
  • 2052-07-07 - Daylight sighting of a Disk
  • 2016-06-28 - Slow silent orange lights over Arlington, WA.
  • 2016-06-24 - Slow moving fireball.
  • 2016-03-31 - Bright object shots up and disappears into space.
  • 2016-02-16 - Bright fast moving glowing green object low in horizon at early evening
  • 2015-12-02 - Pictures taken of sunset and clouds, UFO captured in photo over Arlington, TX
  • 2015-09-13 - ((HOAX??)) Looks like a large meteor.
  • 2015-09-05 - 10+ redish orange lights.
  • 2015-06-07 - Bright light, seen from Arlington facing west looking towards Camano Island area
  • 2015-06-06 - 10-11 orange lights seen on 06 June, 2015, @ 10 PM, in Arlington, WA.
  • 2015-05-19 - Greenish bright light that moved up and down several degrees then rapidly fell towards earth.
  • 2015-05-15 - Star moved, then disappeared.
  • 2015-03-06 - Explosion and then a Giant Star-like object appeared and ascended.
  • 2010-12-31 - 3 pairs of glowing red/orange light formations New Years eve 2011 at midnight
  • 2010-12-07 - red white light descending initially like a plane. As it is descending completely changed direction of descent and zipped across space


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