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Latest sightings in Austin:
  • 2099-11-20 - Three dome shaped lights. One craft or three I don't know.
  • 2099-11-08 - I witnessed an extremely bright, pulsing object at approx. 3000 ft, slowly descending and then accelerating - this object was completel
  • 2099-10-27 - A man and his two kids see a clear UFO less than a mile away during an autumn evening in Austin, Texas. Dazed deer present.
  • 2099-10-07 - It appeared from my vantage point to be like a large metorite but it was traveling too slow and the angle was all wrong. My best descri
  • 2099-09-07 - Two objects that would normally be assumed to be stars except too low in the sky, changing colors - blue/green to white, to red. appear
  • 2099-09-07 - strange and extremely hypnotizing.Bright red,green,white lights in triangle form.Hovered with sporatic movement.
  • 2099-05-23 - At 2:00am I observred what I thought was a single satelite moving north to south.Soon I noticed a multitude of these objects following
  • 2099-04-06 - Green comet looking thing flew across sky.
  • 2099-02-23 - I was outside with my girlfriend looking at the moon with my telescope and something passed within my line of sight,i looked up from th
  • 2099-02-15 - From SW Austin btween Austin / San Marcos stationary object in sky 1 mile up w/ lights.
  • 2098-11-16 - Extremely clear night, south/southeast of Austin,TX. Possibly btween Austin/San Marcos. 11pm 11/16/98. Flashing object. Remained st
  • 2098-11-16 - Saw a glowing fireball plunge through the sky towards earth.
  • 2098-11-16 - Triangular object w/three hemi-spherical 'projections' from the bottom, travelling N-S reflecting pink glow of city lights.
  • 2098-10-08 - Triangular shaped object moving from north to south. Object was barely discernable from the night sky. Leading edges faint orange. No
  • 2098-09-28 - shape resembled a b2 bomber, gray/brown bttm, apprx 1000 feet high traveling slowly and completely silent along the I35 corridor. Disa
  • 2098-09-23 - I was standing in my driveway, I looked up and saw a circular craft coming into view from a northwest direction. The size was like som
  • 2098-09-22 - i was walking my dog.looking up at stars i felt a pressure i looked to my left out of the right corner of my eye i seen something acros
  • 2098-06-24 - my fiancee' and i were driving to her mother's house in hutto after work for a visit at about 11 o'clock at nigt. it was clear out, whi
  • 2098-06-22 - I saw a triangle craft, huge, black, white light in each corner, red light in center, hovering above me at about 200-300 feet altitude.
  • 2098-04-30 - Fireball, green with white center, with a tail of white sparkling stuff. It went horozontally across sky, winked out.
  • 2098-04-20 - Eruption of blue-white light in the sky followed by sweeping action and lesser blast of blue-white light, south, toward San Antonio.
  • 2098-04-02 - 1 to 3 objects moved in sky flashing blue , green, red then blue again
  • 2098-02-09 - Shortly after midnight on Monday morning February 9, 1998, I observed 9 or 11 glowing white balls in a "V" pattern traveling North in t
  • 2097-11-07 - The UFO I had Reported has turned out to be an IFO to my relief. It was the Iridium satellite flash. We picked up the satellite naked-
  • 2097-11-07 - A bright red light in E/SE. Did not move as long as we watched.
  • 2097-10-15 - I was driving west on hyw 50 and saw 6 bright lights 3 on a ship, and then they were gone!
  • 2097-10-10 - i was traveling northbound on state highway 105 approximately 8 miles south of Austin MN when an object came down directly above my car
  • 2097-06-14 - Trianglular lighted object sighted over Austin Texas 6-14-97 at 11:20 pm.Seen from the intersection of Hwy. 71 and Hwy. 620, near Bee C
  • 2097-05-25 - Saw a fast movin UFO on the way back from getting a pizza.
  • 2097-05-10 - it flashed very bright and then took off at the speed of light with a blue trail following it.
  • 2097-05-05 - Several lights appeared in the Northwestern sky.
  • 2097-01-02 - While viewing M42 through telescope, we witness 3 anamolous moving lights, two with scope, one with naked eye, approx. 10-15 min. apart
  • 2096-10-15 - It was floating right above the tree tops over the houses about 75 feet from the tops os the houses.
  • 2096-09-13 - Triangle shaped, low-flying, slow, silent Stealth fighter sized object with a red, revolving light on bottom.
  • 2096-03-24 - Comm. pilot & friend on Austin airport see "triad of white lights" streak directly over airport. "Speed was incredible." Radar neg..
  • 2095-10-01 - Man reports wife went out to empty trash, disappears for 90 min., returns disoriented and acting strangely.
  • 2095-06-23 - I saw 2 orange-red craft closeup felt static electric.
  • 2095-06-23 - I have 2 photographs of saucer shaped craft. I am a long haul driver and I was hesitent to speak of this but I wrote all the info on th
  • 2095-04-15 - SEEN IN BROAD DAYLIGHT- large craft that looked like two pie plates facing each other with a short cylinder in between, yellow and oran
  • 2094-09-15 - Myself and five other friends of mine were sitting on a rock ledge over looking lake travis. We had not been drinking or undre the infl
  • 2092-06-01 - A bright gold glow during a silvery lightning storm
  • 2091-07-08 - Huge blasts of spinning lights (3) scanned at least an acre of land until they zeroed in on us and chased us under a tree where we hid.
  • 2090-10-15 - UFO seen over Austin's Robert Muller Airport
  • 2089-09-15 - Up close sighting of UFO then confirmed by helicopter pursuit in Austin, Texas.
  • 2085-04-19 - Glowing green "football" suddenly appears & then accelerates to nothingness
  • 2081-08-01 - circular light pattern that flew off with great speed in formation with 2 Air Force Jets on its tail.
  • 2072-06-01 - lights traveling across the sky at high speed, one stopped and became brighter
  • 2071-10-15 - went outside & in night sky looking east{est.} saw 15 to 25 objects looked like stars appeared same distance as stars, but brighter tha
  • 2069-09-09 - A ring of light appeared, filled in with golden light, increased in brightness while moving, then gradually faded away.
  • 2068-08-15 - Early morning in August, several of my teenage neighbors and I were waiting for one more person to show up, in order to begin our paper


Austin [1] is a city of over 690,000 in the Hill Country region of the American state of Texas. It's the capital of Texas, and also a center of alternative culture away from the major cities on the American coasts. Austin's attitude is commonly emblazoned about town on T-Shirts and bumper stickers that read: "Keep Austin Weird." Austin is also marketed as the "Live Music Capital of the World" due to the large number of venues.
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