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Latest sightings in Berkeley:
  • 2099-09-05 - Listening to Art Bell 9/9, I was struck by the report of glassy cigar shaped object seen in Florida. Similar object seen here.
  • 2081-07-22 - Two diamond shaped objects observed in sky.
  • 2079-04-01 - Rectangler in shape, lights all the way around it, no noise, darted up and down, left to right stopping very fast, maze like decoration
  • 2064-01-10 - bal of fire in the sky no reported air crashes that night(unexplained)
  • 2015-11-04 - About 10 points of white light, moving in a random pattern.
  • 2015-02-24 - Pulsating blue and red light over the Berkeley/ Oakland Hills.
  • 2010-11-02 - Triangular Configuration of Red Lights over Berkeley, CA
  • 2010-07-10 - bright star-like moving object turning into bright light, then vanishes to the stars again
  • 2010-05-02 - Blue dotted lights forming a circle. Bright white aura in the center looked like electricity.
  • 2009-11-25 - Two Bright star like UFOs follow eachother over Berkeley/Oakland CA and zoom off into space.
  • 2009-02-07 - Saucer shaped object quickly appears and disappears over Golden Gate Bridge
  • 2009-02-01 - Light-distortion moved methodically across San Francisco Bay to above Treasure Island, dropped, returned along same path.
  • 2008-03-26 - hovering oval pulsing in different colors, seems to be towing a smaller light below it, in the night sky
  • 2008-03-23 - pin head object disolves into vapor trail
  • 2007-07-28 - Two bright dots traveling silently in sunny blue sky, bay area California
  • 2007-05-23 - Spotted at noon in Berkeley, Ca. as a light in Eastern sky, that stopped for a brief period, changed course and disappeared into the cl
  • 2006-03-05 - Large oval, moving slowly across building line, emitting extreme bright light with a tail of vapor.
  • 2006-02-26 - A light appeared into view of my Handy Cam then dissappeared the same way as it came into view.
  • 2005-07-28 - Flaming object attached to balloon
  • 2005-02-02 - The object hovered over a park then flew off extremely fast
  • 2004-10-10 - While driving my car in the mid afternoon of a day in the fall of 2004 on HYW 580 East-bound I had just crossed the San Rafael / Richmo
  • 2004-10-08 - i have 20/20 vision. it was a clear day in berkeley. i was lying in a lawn of the university watching planes from oakland airport fly
  • 2004-09-20 - Fast moving (UFO)object over Berkeley
  • 2003-11-23 - huge illuminated object with flashing lights moving smoothly over Bay Bridge toward Oakland
  • 2003-10-18 - Flickering orange light (on fire?) moving across the sky; possible debris stream
  • 2000-09-15 - While looking from Berkeley west over the Pacific Ocean just after sunset, an orange light was seen about 5 degreees above the horizon.


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