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Latest sightings in Brockton:
  • 2095-11-04 - Man reports witnessing "bright light coming through the trees." He goes to window, sees peculiar "long tube" pass over his house.
  • 2095-05-01 - came out of nowhere, disappeared into the sky
  • 2090-02-15 - An object stops dead in it's track!
  • 2090-02-15 - Large Craft Hovers Over Highway in Mass
  • 2089-06-15 - bright baloon like ufo with light circulating under it in brockton Mass. in 1989 .
  • 2015-06-12 - Fleets of ufos increasing by the numbers light spheres.
  • 2008-11-16 - Suspected UFO, hovering in an unpopulated area over the tree line.
  • 2005-07-03 - A small object silently passed over our house from southwest to northeast very quickly.
  • 2002-06-02 - Firey shooting star..?


Brockton is a city in Massachusetts. Brockton is the sixth largest city in Massachusetts. It promotes itself as "City of Champions" because of boxing champions Rocky Marciano and Marvin Hagler. The city's high school has also been very successful in football.
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