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Latest sightings in Cape Coral:
  • 2098-01-24 - 2 glowing objects seen in the sky with many lights; dimond shaped. Seen for at least for 30 minutes with photographs taken.
  • 2098-01-09 - a white object was traveling in the eastern sky when we saw a huge blue and red burst of flame speed up the object and travel very fast
  • 2016-04-09 - Bright shimmering object spotted at high altitude.
  • 2016-04-05 - Trio of vertical bars of light close together
  • 2016-02-17 - Florida is a Hot Spot for Black Budget aircraft and Space Capable vehicles
  • 2015-12-26 - It looked exactly like a falling star but when it entered what i thought was the atmosphere it probably leveled out a couple miles.
  • 2015-12-25 - We had spend an couple hours enjoying a very small fire in a rock fire pit in our back yard. The fire was out down to embers.
  • 2015-10-15 - Two glowing white orbs chasing each other - traveling from North to South - Cape Coral Fl
  • 2015-07-08 - My girlfriend & I were taking a walk at our home in Cape Coral, FL around 9:15pm/21:15 on 7-8-2015 and noticed a bright orange/amber.
  • 2015-07-04 - Orange fire balls...round.
  • 2015-06-05 - Glowing orange spheres over Cape Coral.
  • 2015-05-28 - I was watching the stars on my back porch and a bright light lit up very far away yet brighter then any airplane. It stayed put for abo
  • 2015-03-10 - Red/Orange Orb seen in N/W Cape Coral on 3/10/15 that passed close to 2 aircraft.
  • 2015-02-20 - Many white lights elongated with red light at lower end Stationary in sky.
  • 2015-02-08 - Triangular shaped craft with four bright lights over Cape Coral, FL.
  • 2015-02-08 - 7-8 orange circles with a red light on bottom.
  • 2015-01-01 - Orange lights over Cape Coral, Florida 1-1-2015.
  • 2011-01-08 - Looks like a star, but its not. Its green,blue, red spining lights, then formed 4 white balls around it. ((NUFORC Note: Sirius. PD))
  • 2011-01-08 - BIG, like a white floodlight, BRIGHT as a star, around this was a glass-like green bowl shape, with red spinning lights. hovering.
  • 2011-01-07 - 4 red lights in Cape Coral FL
  • 2010-10-21 - went outside to check out metor shower that was supposed to be tonight 10/21/10. when i looked up at the moon i saw a real bright star
  • 2010-09-29 - huge vehicle trying to be invisible and doing a good job.....we dont have this...do we..no sound
  • 2010-09-29 - large triangle shaped almost transparent craft traveling low and slow with no lights or sound.
  • 2008-11-15 - I had just sat down on my patio partially reclined on my chair and looked to the clear sky above before sunset and spotted what was a s
  • 2008-09-28 - Bluish circle moved quickly across the sky and dsappeared
  • 2008-02-13 - 3 balls of light, moving in a weird triangle formation.
  • 2008-02-13 - White light moving across the sky, very fast, and then vanishing.
  • 2007-01-01 - 18 lights east to west in sky faster then airliners after fireworks ended on NEWYEARS EVE ---- SCARY
  • 2006-06-22 - I only saw the rainbow circle around the sun and when the picture was taken of that there was nothing in the center of the sun, after the picture was taken then the object in the center of the sun was seen on the picture.
  • 2006-06-04 - I was taking picture of my hometwon sunset when i came cross this white spot in the sky
  • 2006-06-01 - I know where these balls of light are probably sitting right now.I know the island they are under.NO JOKE
  • 2006-05-04 - i was in a field talking pictures cause i am a inspiring photographer and i saw something coming up on fast from the sky i thought it was a plane but anyways i snapped a picture and took the film out and hid it under my clothes .
  • 2006-02-27 - As my son and I made our way home to the N.E. Cape Coral area in Florida, we saw a strange sight in the west as the sun set in a clear blue sky we observed what appeared to be claw like glowing yellow orange gold streaks moving very slow and sparaticly. They appeared to be falling and then move to the side and then up. What were they?
  • 2003-12-26 - second (more recent) sighting of bright star like object moving at impossible speed
  • 2003-06-09 - I have never seen anything like this before
  • 2003-05-15 - i heard fighter jets, and walked out to my pool area and seen a large bright silver orb. very shiny. 2 US military jets flew towards it
  • 2002-07-10 - I saw a bright star like light moving around thousands of feet in mere seconds
  • 2002-03-15 - Low flying oval shaped craft with red & green lights

Cape Coral

Cape Coral [1] is a city in South West Florida.
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