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Latest sightings in Carlsbad:
  • 2099-11-18 - V shaped formation of approximately 7 lights obseved for 2 seconds. Formation approx 2 1/2 fingers wide, seen for 30 deg. of arc. No so
  • 2096-06-15 - "Flying saucer" in southeastern New Mexico
  • 2016-05-24 - Large bright long light sitting on Pacific Ocean's horizon off coast of Carlsbad, California.
  • 2015-11-07 - Appeared orange molten metal streaking high speed leaving trail of molten material. ((NUFORC Note: U. S. Navy missile launch. PD))
  • 2015-11-07 - White dot with growing orb of white then greeish-blue gas emitted from craft.
  • 2015-10-11 - Sphere lingering turning into triangle staying around for hours. ((NUFORC Note: Twinkling star?? PD))
  • 2015-05-19 - I was driving north on Hwy 285 between Carlsbad and Artesia. I saw a line of three to four red lights that twisted to reveal another.
  • 2015-03-12 - "Fuzzy" star grows larger and fainter until finally vanishing.
  • 2015-01-07 - A red ball of fire flew directly over my car along the coast, where aircraft arn't permitted to fly at a speed of appx. 900 mph
  • 2010-09-01 - Eagle-looking object hovering over my location for appx. 5 seconds...then darted off at high speed.
  • 2010-06-26 - Shinny golden matalic disk/sauser shaped object seen for 2-3 secs....then disappeared! 500 Lights On Object0: Yes
  • 2010-06-21 - Saw 2 chem-trails flying over SD Co. going 2 different directions for approx 7-10 mins before...disappearing!!!
  • 2010-01-15 - Bright light changes color from blue to red as it circles, hovers, dips, and rises up, only to eventually circle back down.
  • 2009-12-11 - This UFO displayed a bright blue light when flying to the left and a bright red light when flying to the right, moved fast and circled.
  • 2009-05-17 - Bright shimmering cylinder seen in sky over Carlsbad, NM 05/17/2009
  • 2009-02-02 - Bright light(s) witnessed in Carlsbad on 2/2/09
  • 2008-11-16 - The object was transparent & cylindrical but having smooth edges and having a cross sectional area with red and green lights.
  • 2008-10-02 - 10/02/08 just before sunrise, dark skies. Hovering white light which turned to blinking blue & red. Lasted 5 mins long.
  • 2008-03-20 - bouncing ufo
  • 2008-03-13 - Four red lights pass directly over head and seem to be one solid chevron shaped object, making little to no sound.
  • 2008-02-17 - This was like a "string theory" energy light show, initially mistaken for a distant approaching aircraft.
  • 2008-02-15 - A white light appeared and then disappeared after fading to the left, 5 seconds, no navigation lights, 45 degrees above the horizon.
  • 2008-02-12 - Bright light off the SW coast of California
  • 2008-02-08 - 02/08/2008 Carlsbad CA String of lights 3 minutes viewed over ocean shore, red and blue lights, assended turned white and disapp
  • 2006-12-01 - Object with rotating red and blue lights hovering over North County San Diego at 1:00 a.m. on December 1, 2006.
  • 2006-07-16 - I May have a video of of the July12, 2006 sighting over San Diego, of the white ball of light..
  • 2006-06-17 - 2 red-orange "dots"& one white "dot" over Carlsbad, New Mexico...
  • 2006-05-11 - Strange light moving by moon. ((NUFORC Note: Space Station flew over Carlsbad, NM, at 2022-2026 hrs. on this date. PD))
  • 2006-05-11 - Strange light moving by moon. ((NUFORC Note: International Space Station seen over Carlsbad at 20:22 hrs. on this date. PD))
  • 2006-03-01 - Silent football field sized and shaped metalic UFO is sited on Pecos River in Carlsbad, New Mexico.
  • 2006-01-04 - Big green fireball fell into ocean near Carlsbad/Oceanside, CA at 23:12, 01/04/2006
  • 2005-11-09 - i think we may have got a photo of something in the background of a bat flight photo i took in carlsbad caverns.... would like some feed back on what you think it is
  • 2005-10-28 - 2 Flashing red lights pass directly overhead in perfect formation at very high altitude with no sound. ((NUFORC Note: Aircraft. PD))
  • 2005-01-13 - two hazy lights circling in the sky, joining, and disappearing.
  • 2004-12-31 - Star sized object traveling across sky then abruptly stops and then zooms off at an angle.
  • 2004-08-30 - Multiple craft, one at very close range. Unbelievable speed and movement exhibited by the smaller objects. Slow, silent movement by larger and closer object.
  • 2004-08-25 - I was driving south on Interstate 5 when I noticed a silver disc shaped craft in the sky about one mile ahead just past the Palomar Air
  • 2004-07-27 - The object was large and moved at a very high speed.
  • 2004-05-29 - sphere with black bottom, mirrored top
  • 2004-04-01 - was looking for meteor showers and viewed one large object transfer the sky - like a large shooting star
  • 2004-03-09 - BRIGHT WHITE SAUCER LANDS IN ROAD!!! ((NUFORC Note: Unconfirmed report. Witness remains anonymous. PD))
  • 2004-03-07 - Slow moving horizontal white light seen over the Pacific
  • 2004-03-07 - Slow moving horizontal white light seen over the Pacific
  • 2003-12-22 - strange light over the west pacific ocean.
  • 2003-03-26 - Wobbling silver craft seen in Carlsbad, CA with bright light in broad daylight.
  • 2002-09-21 - Pinkish Lightbulb shape over neighborhood
  • 2000-12-09 - We saw two very fast-moving objects take off.


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