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Latest sightings in Cherry Hill:
  • 2099-06-30 - We were driving in the car when the passanger saw an object flying faster than any jet could. The object moved away at such a speed th
  • 2098-12-31 - I just arrived home. It was about 7-7:30 PM. I was taking some items out of my van. I was facing north, stand at the back of my van. I
  • 2095-07-16 - Dentist, 2 lifeguards, and others see same black dot that had been seen 3 wks. earlier. (See 27JN95 event.)
  • 2095-06-27 - Dentist witnesses small black dot very high in sky. Accelerates (against wind), streaks out of sight. Other witnesses.
  • 2068-08-08 - Early 1960's South New Jersey Large circular craft, zig-zag movement, visable more than 20 minutes.
  • 2015-03-15 - I witnessed 7 lights moving at a very high rate of speed going North West across the sky.
  • 2010-07-04 - orange lights
  • 2005-10-03 - Three white objects in triangle formation hovered, then objects flew away from eachother at high speed.
  • 2005-04-27 - An object full of red and blue lights appeared from nowhere. floated around for about a min then disapeared
  • 2004-10-06 - i was looking up in the sky with my friend, and this black circle shaped craft with 4 smaller yellow circles underneath it flew over us silently.we looked at each other and ran, no one believed us.

Cherry Hill

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