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Latest sightings in Chula Vista:
  • 2099-02-02 - Looking toward the southern(145'SSE, three of my finger widths under the star Rho Pup) night sky, I saw what I thought at first was an
  • 2016-03-17 - Fiery ball of flames that was no meteor being fallowed by helicopters.
  • 2016-02-28 - ((HOAX??)) Lights that moved abnormaly.
  • 2016-01-03 - Yellow ball of light flies over Chula Vista California.
  • 2015-11-07 - Bright light followed by a white cloud that continued to grow. ((NUFORC Note: U. S. Navy missile launch. PD))
  • 2015-10-02 - While out front, I saw really bright lights out of the corner of my eye. I looked up at them and saw a triangle shaped object. .
  • 2015-07-29 - Silver disc object over Mexican airspace
  • 2015-03-30 - Flying light being chased by a helicopter over Interstate 5 Chula Vista California 30 March 2015 10:20 PM
  • 2010-01-05 - One Oval Spining above Chula Vista
  • 2008-11-19 - UFO in Chula Vista, CA NOV 19 08
  • 2008-08-08 - Small white dot, moved relativily slowly shows continuously at App. 9:00 PM PST
  • 2008-08-07 - Slow Moving, Oval shaped, very low in the sky, and a very bright white,and it vanished… ((NUFORC Note: ISS? PD))
  • 2006-09-17 - A white, u shaped object viewed in the San Diego night sky.
  • 2006-07-02 - Two white llights accelerating and changing directions in M31 binocular FOV observed from Mt. Pinos
  • 2004-08-18 - large bright yellow light and four smaller red,green and blue flashing lights in the eastern sky ((Venus??))
  • 2004-06-09 - they were very visable as if they were at the same level that planes fly at.But they moved realy fast.The light seemed to follow them!
  • 2003-12-20 -
  • 2003-01-07 - 20 Minutes
  • 2003-01-04 - Bright object moved slowly across the sky in clear daylight and in formation with at least 10 other objects.
  • 2002-08-03 - V Shaped Formation of White,Cross-like Objects Observed in Chula Vista, California
  • 2000-07-21 - Black, shaped like a clover, slowly rotating, surrounded by what looked like heat waves.

Chula Vista

Chula Vista is a city in San Diego County in Southern California.
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