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Latest sightings in Columbus:
  • 2099-12-07 - It was big, it was bright and a huge light. Kinda like a white railroad light but triple the size and gave off a floating effect to it
  • 2099-11-18 - While on patrol in my police cruiser I noticed a dark object coming from the east. As it grew closer I noticed it was triangular in sh
  • 2099-11-18 - I was looking for meteors. Saw a grey shadow coming out of the east, heading Northwest. It appeared to be a dark grey shape, like a w
  • 2099-11-16 - Fireball that subsequently broke-up or separated into two objects with debris streaming away
  • 2099-11-16 - Earth Skimmer Meteor?
  • 2099-11-16 - this was a large object moving at a very fast pace from the north west to the south east. it did not burn up but just went over the hor
  • 2099-11-16 - Not believed to be extra terretrial. Probably that space junk. Many in Columbus saw it. Just giving you a time and palce so you can tr
  • 2099-11-16 - I saw 4 or 5 fireballs going across the sky.They were right behind each other.
  • 2099-11-16 - Looking out my living room window...I saw a bright light that had a form like a long tail. It came from the west and was traveling slow
  • 2099-09-28 - My girlfriend an I were outside of our apt. it was a nice night, no cloud, the object was as bright as a star from the big dipper, goin
  • 2099-08-14 - I called the radar installation but they would not tell me if or what they saw in my area.I called during the object's persence.
  • 2099-08-09 - 2 bright flashes in the sky.
  • 2099-07-18 - high speed vehicles traveling north by northwest, spanning the horizon in seconds.
  • 2099-07-10 - A light in the sky was seen moving slowly through the sky. After moving to the north, the light started to fade, moving away from us to
  • 2099-06-16 - Dark colored, high altitude, hover to slow NNW to fast West. Covered approx 45 degrees in about 10-12 seconds.
  • 2099-04-24 - saw light orange objects moving south to north ,then 4 more moving south to north,then turning west
  • 2099-03-12 - 3 objects within 30 minutes
  • 2098-12-06 - Was heading back to Houston Tx, when I saw a green fireball streak across the sky from west to east. Only it sorta dashed across like s
  • 2098-12-02 - It was a round/disk shaped object that reflected the sunlight. It was hovering at an angle. I say hovering cause it moved like that, no
  • 2098-06-14 - Formation of lights, arranged in the pattern of an "arrow symbol" or "christmas tree." Hovered, moved, and hovered again. Afterwards,
  • 2098-03-08 - I saw a redish&orange ball of light moveing up&down on a vertical path,no sound at all.
  • 2098-02-28 - I just sent a report a few minutes ago, about something seen in Columbus OH, on I270, First, i just realised that 22:30 is not 11:30 ci
  • 2098-02-20 - I first noticed a long, thin, sort of cigar shaped bright white light slowly moving W to E behind my house. Upon looking out the window
  • 2097-11-11 - huge cylindrical lights, thousands of feet long, blink off and then clusters of much smaller light blue and light orange-pink ship ligh
  • 2097-06-15 - I saw a dark, triangular craft gliding across the sky in Columbus, Ohio.
  • 2097-01-10 - Very large triangular craft moved silently and darkly (no lights) very fast through dark Columbus OH night.
  • 2095-09-14 - Man steps outside house to smoke, see obj. extending out over edge of roof. Sees bizarre obj. w/ solid, hazy lights streak off.
  • 2095-03-06 - Two men in car hear weird, "jet" sound. See 8-9 white objects in formation. Zigzagged across sky.
  • 2094-03-15 - Large Black Cylinder Flies Above Mountain Lakes Near Guntersville, Alabama
  • 2092-11-27 - Drove right underneath a UFO while on the freeway--saw 3 more UFOs
  • 2092-08-18 - UFO outside window, waits in backyard
  • 2092-05-15 - Light changing color in accordance with the traffic light.
  • 2091-08-01 - Two people view triangular hovering object.
  • 2084-11-24 - Mid day cigar shape citing while deer hunting
  • 2084-10-20 - Driving in a thick pea soup fog. Car headlights went out suddenly. I had seen "Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind" a few years ago. ( th
  • 2083-08-15 - Army soldiers see object over Fort Benning, Georgia
  • 2081-10-04 - A disc shaped craft, approximately thirty feet in diameter, hovered silently roof level.
  • 2081-06-06 - The year & month is estimated above, but the exact date will coincide with sightings of lights all over the midwest.Radio reports the n
  • 2080-10-15 - 12-15 white fireballs traveling north to south ashing off as they flew by, the episode lasted 10-15 minutes over rural Columbus, OH.
  • 2076-06-01 - The object moved at right angles.
  • 2073-07-15 - I was four years old, my brother was one year old. we were in our room when he saw it first. he said its mine, at least thats what it
  • 2070-11-15 - I saw the Three Red Lights back in the 70's.
  • 2070-02-20 - 2 orange lights near runway seen by young but experienced observer
  • 2066-09-05 - Circular craft, nighttime sighting, close range, red, green, yellow lights, probable abduction, missing time
  • 2066-08-01 - Glowing orange sphere, stationary and silent
  • 2064-10-15 - Child remembers seeing object over 40 years
  • 2059-05-01 - Red-orange lights over seen motionless over Lockborne AFB-one vanished and one sped out of sight.
  • 2030-08-07 - Unuaual aircraft flies in snake like formation breaking the sound barrier.
  • 2016-06-27 - Strange red and white lights, single object, over Columbus, Ohio 6/27/16


Columbus [1] is the capital of the American state of Ohio and is located centrally within the state in the Mid-Ohio region. It is the home of The Ohio State University.
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