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Latest sightings in Corona:
  • 2085-06-12 - Two objects sighted in outer atmosphere, joined in formation then shot out into space.
  • 2082-06-10 - Two objects, high altitude, high speed, egg shaped, white aura, flew from edge of horizon to center vision then shot out into space.
  • 2010-12-09 - V-shaped craft observed at low altitude moving swiftly from north to south over Corona California
  • 2010-11-06 - 8-10 Flashing Lights moving in unison down the coast changing formation and dissappearing. They were higher than normal aircraft.
  • 2010-04-23 - just flew from the east to the west
  • 2010-01-16 - CA, Corona White Flashing Lights
  • 2010-01-16 - White lights on triangular object over corona
  • 2009-09-12 - Three orange circular objects in the evening sky hovered for 12 minutes and then vanished.
  • 2009-08-25 - My husband, myself and my eleven year old were stargazing at the planet Jupiter in our southern night sky. As my husband was positioni
  • 2009-07-25 - strange light maneuvering along the foothills
  • 2009-07-13 - Triangular shaped object flying erratically yet fluid in the sky.
  • 2009-02-21 - I was driving with my girlfriend heading north on Temescal canyon road/Ontario avenue. Directly in front of me at a very far distance,
  • 2008-06-15 - Green Fireball witnessed over Corona, CA
  • 2008-05-03 - oval shape hovers and dances in sky over Corona del Mar, CA
  • 2008-02-10 - Admitted Brilliant Blue Light Stationary Over 3 Hours
  • 2007-11-23 - A light floating, moving, and hovering in the air.
  • 2007-11-04 - Oval shaped disc maneuvering over Corona del Mar, CA
  • 2007-11-04 - Circular shaped bright lighted object flying over Corona del Mar, CA
  • 2007-11-03 - bright ring shaped ufo over corona california
  • 2007-09-24 - One bright white circular object traveling West to East at very high altitude.
  • 2007-05-27 - Orange glow over Corona, California
  • 2007-05-27 - bright orange light in sky kinda circular moving very slowly and dropped some kind flares
  • 2007-05-10 - Flying disk over Corona del Mar / Newport Beach, California
  • 2007-05-06 - Red triangles and piercing sound in Southern California on 5/6/07
  • 2006-07-04 - lighted craft over Corona that dropped a lighted object that hovered in the sky as the original craft departed.
  • 2005-09-22 - ((NUFORC Note: Vandenberg missile launch. PD)) Strange light in the W side of the sky like a search light.
  • 2005-09-06 - 4 bright flashing light seen at a very high altitude in south Coronado bay area
  • 2005-08-22 - bright light headed ENE in daylight hours, very fast, changes in direction and speed, metallic object
  • 2005-01-23 - el dia que vi estas luces ho no se que cosas fueron fue en la manana como alas 6 :20 de la manana fueron cuatro luces brillantesenlinea a lineadosdese momento penseen mi camara pero mi camara no teniabaterilla en tonces pense rapido que tenia una pila en mi audifono para poner le la pila a mi camara digital para tomar fotos como ebidencia el zoom de mi camara tiene dos potencias mas veces para poder la cosa mas serca que yo pudiera verla y para poder tomar una foto mas serca.
  • 2004-12-18 - it flashed for three or four seconds and disapered.
  • 2003-11-16 - two white lights with red light blinking back and forth,moving to the right then back to the left.
  • 2003-04-11 - Caught on video, another object in the sky
  • 2003-04-10 - single bright saucer shaped object slowing propelling forward, with the front tilted downward
  • 2002-09-10 - A bright, 3-4" in diameter light moving in a circle, changing directions and turning into two eyes focussing on me!
  • 2002-07-10 - Flying light object observed flying in a precise motion in the Northern sky
  • 2002-06-15 - saw redish orange fireball moving very slow in up and down motion in corona ca.2002 wuold stop for a while and keep moving
  • 2000-07-21 - It looked like a star then all at once it moved in a northern direction a what appeared to be great speed then changed direction sudden


Corona is a city in Riverside County in Southern California.
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