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Latest sightings in Dallas:
  • 2099-12-28 - Saw very large object emerge from behind a hill in front of me on 408 Spur. Long row of lights too bright for me to see shape of craft
  • 2099-12-26 - At ten degrees above the horizon, above treeline on 200 ft. above sea level hills (70 ft. pine trees.) Globular Orange fireball size a
  • 2099-12-05 - I was traveling north on Hwy 342 when I looked to the West and saw 5 to 6 lights traveling horizontally south.
  • 2099-11-27 - While driving with my two friends, we noticed this craft in the sky. It sort of fluttered changing its elevation. We lost it when it we
  • 2099-11-18 - We were lying on the ground watching the meteor shower and the stars, when one star appeared to get brighter and started moving what ap
  • 2099-11-16 - A real big green flash in the western sky
  • 2099-10-26 - Triangular "formation" of 3 very bright white lights above 37,000 feet.
  • 2099-10-26 - triangular object flying east with bright lights
  • 2099-10-10 - group of twinkling lights at high altitude
  • 2099-09-02 - Thursday morning (9-02-99) at 03:15 I was awakened by my TriField meter with external coil. Loud alarm for over a minute.
  • 2099-08-22 - clody day round silver or chrome craft shaped like huge ball 3000 to 5000 ft stops in clouds then moves up out of site with such speed
  • 2099-07-27 - Extraordinary Event! Neighborhood witnesses oval light with large luminous contrail pass over houses 400 yds away at 150 ft!
  • 2099-04-16 - My father and i were coming home from one of my friends house when my dad noticed something in the sky.It was a disk like saucer shaped
  • 2099-03-22 - A huge multi-lighted object hovered stationary over the eastern part of DFW airport.
  • 2099-03-02 - While stargazing at The Orion Nebula I heard a noise over my head like aero-braking or something. As I looked up I witnessed a jet bank
  • 2099-02-14 - Saw two luminous lights changing color from white to redish to blue as they got larger and brighter then dimming to white - one ascendi
  • 2099-01-12 - it appears as a red/orange dot, it was about 12:00p.m. big as the independence day movie ship.
  • 2099-01-10 - Saw long tail reflecting the setting sun begin to zigzag explosively moving from NW to SE then a bright light appeared in front of the
  • 2099-01-06 - I was returning from an emergency call on US75 when I observed a green ball of light travel across the sky (ten o'clock to four o'clock
  • 2099-01-06 - green fieball shoots across sky.
  • 2098-11-02 - More than likely a shooting star, but thought I should report it.
  • 2098-10-15 - An UFO staying on the skjy with half red and half orange.
  • 2098-05-29 - While inbound on Amer. Airlines Flt. 1409 from Atlanta to Dallas, just north of Dallas, @4,000 feet, I saw a small disk like object 2'x
  • 2098-01-30 - Time: 1850 CST; location: 40nm SSW Dallas; altitude: 6000feet I am a pilot. I was flying into the DFW metroplex on the evening of Janua
  • 2097-11-14 - Saw strange lights above high clouds from an American Airlines flight into Dallas Ft Worth
  • 2097-10-15 - My friend and I were driving home from a date, I opened the sunroof to view the moon lite sky. As I was starring at the stars somethi
  • 2097-05-30 - yellow 'perfect' sphere crossed entire viewable sky in about 4 sec., flashing off/on intermittently
  • 2097-05-15 - Small quiet very non dramatic teardrop shaped flying object appeared to be taking off.
  • 2097-04-18 - Looking East, saw bright red light descendingdown thru cloud layer, then back up into clouds,repeating twice. Red light had a diamond s
  • 2096-11-02 - Even though I am a private pilot, I spend every hour of jet flight viewing the earth below. COvered window allowed spotting overtaking
  • 2092-03-01 - My family and I was woken by a bright florecent blue like light that lit up the entire neighborhood an my sister was quite scared so at
  • 2089-11-26 - Woman repts. bizarre, triangular ship w/ stunning, red, blue, green, & white lights. Surrounded by a haze. Excellent rept..
  • 2088-04-26 - 3 lights in trianglular formation over nw dallas
  • 2087-11-01 - Bright light in window
  • 2083-08-01 - Awoke after being asleep for an hour or so to a light coming from another part of the house. I lay very still while witnessing the ligh
  • 2080-10-20 - We were in a boat fishing at Lake Ray Hubbard, heading toward north end of lake. We noticed an object hovering just above a water tower
  • 2080-10-10 - Strange shape shifting craft of pure light energy.
  • 2079-04-04 - Fast moving light that stopped, moved backwards and took off again.
  • 2076-10-30 - Somethings out there
  • 2073-07-15 - Stationary disk with lights circling the circumference of the object.
  • 2073-07-04 - Tellapathic communication with ufo at five years old. Disc came from the west coverd in moss for camoflage it stoped to hover almoast o
  • 2069-05-15 - A light came toward us and stopped directly overhead. It stayed there a couple seconds then shot off very fast. No noise.
  • 2068-07-01 - Three shooting stars that were obivioulsy communicating with each other
  • 2061-06-22 - i saw something close up but no one to tell who would believe what i saw. Air Force says its balloon.
  • 2057-01-01 - I was flying the first of 4 USAF aircraft on a simulated bombing run on a bridge span in Dallas, Texas. The other 3 aircraft were behi
  • 2045-07-15 - A round ball of fire . Not a wisp of cloud. My mother and I were sitting on our back steps in the shade, very hot. This ball moved al
  • 2016-03-05 - Single moving red light over northeast Dallas, March 8, 2016.
  • 2016-03-05 - Red light flying over Dallas, Texas.
  • 2015-11-14 - Brilliant glowing orange large fireballs, appeared to be 7, hovering over Dallas in a V shape formation, gets brighter than descends.


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