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Latest sightings in Daytona Beach:
  • 2099-06-02 - Four black triangles see close up.
  • 2098-01-15 - Two red lights manuevering both stationary and at very high rates of speed. Both performed unlimited climbs until disappering.
  • 2096-11-26 - miles to the east we saw 5 discs in a semi arc. they were the size of a dinner plate. color that of a lighter flame, yellow. the clouds
  • 2094-06-15 - I saw it coming home one night the same day of a Shuttle launch in Daytona Beach,Fl.
  • 2089-06-01 - Saw a florescent orange sphere in the sky while driving to work. It was low.The bottom was in the tree tops. It seemed to glow from wit
  • 2087-11-01 - This cigarette shaped object spun without an axis of rotation!
  • 2065-04-14 - we had got off work at 11:00 that night and went for a ride in rural volusia county. we observed a large object in the sky in a direct
  • 2055-06-15 - Three fireballs moved slowly along the beach, then suddenly accelerated and flew straight up into the night sky and disappeared.
  • 2010-05-08 - star sized moveing speck
  • 2009-07-14 - 1 white bright object with 3 small red green and white ones around it. ((NUFORC Note: Twinkling star? PD))
  • 2009-07-11 - 1 large bright light with 2 small red, green, white ones moving erratically. ((NUFORC Note: Star. PD))
  • 2009-04-07 - Large glowing blue object blasts into space at hyper sonic speeds, appeared no more than 300 feet from surface
  • 2008-06-10 - Triangle of nine lights over Daytona Beach.
  • 2008-05-26 - Moving at constant speed, always upward in the same fashion as a falling and failing aircraft.
  • 2008-02-01 - 4:30 am to sunrise Southern sky driving on I-4 from Daytona Beach to Tampa two comets tracked the same latitude as Moon as bright
  • 2007-05-26 - The UFO we saw in Daytona was most likely the TR-B3 or the XT-33, huge secret military reconnaissance aircraft.
  • 2006-03-12 - A triangle shaped object in the sky with rotating colored lights.
  • 2005-10-16 - We were picnicking on a pier over the beach as the tide was high and the water engulfed the entire beach. We had layed down on the bla
  • 2004-03-12 - Orange sphere appeared, turned, blinked, then faded away into the distance
  • 2003-08-30 - Glowing football shaped objects flying in straight line formation wing tip to wing tip over Daytona Beach, FL
  • 2003-06-13 - 3 stationary, orange, rectangular lights evenly spaced due east off the fl coast.
  • 2003-03-08 - craft over the beach during storm
  • 2002-01-11 - Bright lights seen over ocean in Daytona Beach area on January 11, 2002
  • 2001-11-25 - My husband and I were in the backyard. It was approx. 7:10 p.m.. A space craft of some kind was moving SLOWLY northeast. Because of it'
  • 2001-11-24 - Very slow moving disk shaped craft heading towards lighthouse
  • 2001-06-25 - Stationary LIGHT and CLOUD observed in Daytona Beach
  • 2001-06-24 - Green object traveling North to South..ascending slightly upwards

Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach is a city in Central Florida.
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