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Latest sightings in Denver:
  • 2099-12-29 - strange phenomenon after sighting
  • 2099-12-29 - I was driving home down 13th street, I saw a object hovering over 13th street very low, at first I could not tell how low as I was appr
  • 2099-11-18 - A triangle-shape object that looked like balls tied together, flying in formation.
  • 2099-11-17 - Observed large, dark, vaguely boomerang-shaped object move swiftly and silently from NE to S and then arc W
  • 2099-11-12 - Something(s) rising behind me as I was driving home from work.
  • 2099-10-31 - While visiting relatives in Denver Colorado on the outskirts of the city my daughter and her boy friend pointed to the sky just above t
  • 2099-09-21 - Star like light moved about 10 moons, disappeared, reappeared and moved 10 more moons then disappeared again.
  • 2099-09-08 - A star was moving, grew very bright, then faded out. a few minutes later we spotted two stars moving fast, North and South. Then we s
  • 2099-09-07 - Leaving Los Angeles International Air Port (737) FrontierAirlines (Departure flight was set at 07:00) about 20 minuets into the flight
  • 2099-08-15 - A very bright flash with a trajectory going from left to right and turning colors along the was - 3-4 seconds at most.
  • 2099-08-10 - I saw a very strange looking objecet in the north eastern part of the sky about a week ago.
  • 2099-08-08 - Saw a very bright amber light eluminating out of a four pointed objected. about 10:30pm and around this date.
  • 2099-06-16 - I was walking by myself just recollecting the events of my day, which to my knowledge was very long and tiring when all of a suden thes
  • 2099-04-20 - "just before" sun-up; snow whit fire ball streaked west to east above and across city skyline. Looked like just the picture of an old M
  • 2099-02-21 - Black object disappears followed by light object
  • 2098-12-22 - Going to work, ahead of me at a stop light I saw a small object moving at a fast rate. It was crossing my direction of travel at an est
  • 2098-12-13 - A formation of a constant group of 1 dozen metallic/lights near DIA
  • 2098-11-14 - My son and I saw and videotaped a sighting in the sky north of Denver on 11/14/98 beginning at 17:24 and ending at 17:38.
  • 2098-11-11 - While standing outside with my wife, I looked up and to the north and saw a triangle craft or formation at about 5000 feet. There were
  • 2098-10-25 - 3rd sighting of UFO's in DIA area
  • 2098-10-06 - Red fireball with red tail traveling east to west
  • 2098-07-07 - Strange object, stranger events that followed on seeing the object in the Mountains above Denver
  • 2098-06-01 - I was looking towards the Mountains, west, when I saw a large bright golden circle shaped light raise from that area. It went accross
  • 2098-05-26 - I looked out and noticed waht appeared to be 2 Teardrop shaped balloons linked by a tether to one another, Metallic, shiny. The motion
  • 2098-05-21 - Humming then a loud subsonic boom or explosion
  • 2097-11-30 - Multi-colored "pole," appearing to hang in the sky for several minutes before dissipating slowly, from top to bottom, into darkness.
  • 2096-09-22 - I witnessed 2 unusual and unidentifiable light sources in the sky above Denver. It was an unseasonably warm September evening, no cloud
  • 2094-08-15 - I saw a UFO in August of 1994.
  • 2088-08-10 - Brillant bright lights from the sky
  • 2080-05-20 - In 1980 my brother and I saw a reddish glowing oval shapped object
  • 2078-03-17 - Denver, Colorado, March 17, 1977, at around 7:30 pm. Two objects seen up close. One hovered over our home, the other flew over at just
  • 2077-08-09 - Myself and a friend's sister were standing on a rear balcony at 18th and Franklin St. (SE corner, alley) when we both seemed to "sense"
  • 2077-05-01 - two lazer like lights, one 6-12 inches off the ground, one dollar sized on the ground.
  • 2075-06-01 - two bright round very near each other.
  • 2075-01-01 - Flying saucer seen by 100 people at drive-in theater in Denver
  • 2074-09-11 - Normal heavnly bodies do not travel in geometric patterns.
  • 2073-08-06 - Very large, boomerang shaped object, silently moving slowly at treetop height East to West with no wind disturbance.
  • 2070-01-24 - cigar shaped object with colors of orange, blue and green that changed colors in a strobe from orange to blue to green over and over.
  • 2062-08-15 - Large UFO hovering over a high line tower—Chased by Airforce Helicopters near Denver, CO in 1962.
  • 2057-10-15 - A lot of methane gas in area
  • 2054-11-01 - I was approximately 12 years old when I saw this UFO. I haven't told a lot of people about it. I thought because I was so young at th
  • 2016-05-19 - Strange behavior above Denver sky.
  • 2016-03-21 - Two UFO craft sighted in Denver-One strobing with forward momentum, the other hovering.
  • 2016-03-20 - Two white cigar shaped UFO's stop and hover over I-25 in Denver, then change to an amber color and disappear.
  • 2016-03-16 - Orange lights in a formation off of I-70.
  • 2016-01-26 - Is anyone else seeing this now?? I'm downtown Denver and I'm looking W above the mountains. Really high up there are lights pulsating.
  • 2016-01-10 - Object had a tail and maintained shape and speed.
  • 2015-12-03 - Drone like objects with erratic flashing white, red, orange, green, and blue lights
  • 2015-11-05 - UFO over Denver with two pulsating lights.
  • 2015-11-02 - Dark chevron/boomerang object.


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