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Latest sightings in Euclid:
  • 2097-07-29 - Me and my friend saw a craft slowly moving across the sky. IT wasn't a plane or a helicopter. It glowed. THen it dissapered.
  • 2097-04-18 - It was dark and the craft flew slowly over us! There was no sound at all coming from it.It had round lights on the bottom of it and app
  • 2086-06-01 - Unknown craft on the waters at Lake Erie
  • 2015-01-13 - Looked towards Orion's belt and a pitch black craft with about 6 lights all in a V shape flew by at a pretty good clip. Made no sound,
  • 2010-10-10 - 2 objects blinking red and white, disappeared into the sky, after hovering around sky for 3 minutes.( over lake erie
  • 2005-08-10 - I was outside looking at the crescent moon to the West when i noticed a red flashing light moving slowly toward me.
  • 2004-06-22 - Circular White Light
  • 2002-09-30 - Round, red, green, bright white object
  • 2002-05-21 - Cylindrical - shaped object, with multiple lights and one red beacon light
  • 2001-08-14 - ufo over lake Erie
  • 2001-08-13 - BRIGHT white light, stationary for over a minute, then moves the north slowly accelerating then speeds up and winks out....


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