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Latest sightings in Everett:
  • 2099-09-25 - I watched a streak of light move in a southerly direction heading downward eventually disappearing behind the Olympic Mountains.
  • 2099-09-21 - I watched a cylinder shaped object head west, then changed form to a boomerang, transparent like state and then it traveled south
  • 2099-09-01 - Radio signals posible military 14.290 mhz in amatuer band reported it to FAA they said thy wood refer to Langley Air Base VA.
  • 2099-06-09 - Craft with multicolored lights drifted above us.
  • 2099-05-08 - A intensive bright red light moving extremely slow and silent.
  • 2099-02-22 - I saw two lights, one above the other at an angle, in the western sky. The lights were moving fairly slowly. The lights were flickering
  • 2098-09-28 - Noticed two illuminated objects high in the South East part of the sky, one was stationary the other moved towards it and positioned it
  • 2098-09-23 - Bright Green blazing ball passing from Northeast to Southwest burning out before the horizon.
  • 2098-09-23 - driving s. on I-5 by everett mall, saw green fire ball moving e-w at about 500-1000 feet. small object w\tail moving very fast. expecte
  • 2098-08-15 - Mysterious orb floating fifty or so yards above me in the evening sky
  • 2098-08-15 - Me, my brother and two friends were out late one summer night. We then saw a 5 balls of light connnected to each other hovering in the
  • 2096-12-16 - Boeing empl. sees peculiar green streak in E sky. Headed S at VERY high speed. Streak narrower than kitchen match at arm's length.
  • 2096-05-10 - Man looking N, sees "line of lights, cascading L to R," streak to N horizon. No sound. No craft visbl.(Very detailed written rept.)
  • 2096-03-30 - We saw a cylindrical object traveling north along the adjacent hills 3 or 4 miles to the east of the I5. Like spilt mercury.
  • 2095-03-22 - Three Boeing employees on break see "low star" move, change color, become green triangle in SW sky. Good rept.
  • 2077-09-01 - Two Objects in late afternoon, camouflaging themselves in the clouds, translucent, traveling east above 45th ave., then north, then rap
  • 2016-07-04 - 2 triangle sphere shaped bright orange objects flying under 500ft across Sivler Lake Wa
  • 2016-05-12 - Side triangle shape flights in a triangle formation the tip light is brighter than the rest. ((anonymous report))
  • 2016-04-29 - Yellow/Orange orb traveling at a high rate of speed silently East to West Snohomish County, WA.
  • 2016-02-05 - I witnessed a formation of 7-9 white lights fly silently from East to West at moderate speed and disappear after 3-5 seconds.
  • 2015-09-23 - Fireballs over Everett.
  • 2015-09-14 - Two unknown bright lights.
  • 2015-07-20 - While standing at my window with the window open I saw 1-2 orange-ish/ Fire colored lights in the sky over the Everett area near Boeing
  • 2015-04-25 - A large, bright orange light moving across the clear sky
  • 2015-03-24 - Inverted V-shaped crafts with orange lights in North Everett, WA.
  • 2010-10-10 - crown shaped object with two orange lights over everett wa
  • 2010-09-04 - Bright fast object moving across sky suddenly vanished
  • 2010-08-27 - ball of light shoots across sky, stops, and then heads back in the direction it came but at a much slower pace.
  • 2010-08-17 - White "star" like object darts acrossed sky and suddenly stops, but doesn't disappear.
  • 2010-07-24 - white blinking lights over everett wa
  • 2010-07-14 - 3 bright lights in a triangle formation over Everett
  • 2010-07-10 - Amber oval object in sky over Everett WA
  • 2010-07-05 - Wobbly orbs flying east then ascending at great speeds.
  • 2010-07-04 - Two orange lights move across the sky over Everett, Washington on the night of July 4th, 2010
  • 2010-06-25 - Red Glowing Light viewed in Western Washington
  • 2009-09-23 - lights (red, green, blue, orange, and white) changing often moving in a zig zag like patern.
  • 2009-09-17 - I saw a triangle ufo with four white lights moving quickly with no sound in Everett Wa.
  • 2009-09-13 - flashing lights during night and silver eliptacal during day
  • 2009-09-03 - bright light traveling fast.
  • 2009-08-18 - Flying fire spheres decending then accending out of sky over Everett WA 1 mile. above city.
  • 2009-07-24 - I noticed 3 bright lights in the ski moving to fast to be normal aircrafts. ((NUFORC Note: ISS? PD))
  • 2009-07-04 - 3 orange globes on 4th of July being chased by an airplane?
  • 2009-07-04 - Blood red firey UFO moving easterly past the moon vanishing with a red streak.
  • 2008-10-27 - Bright white oval craft
  • 2008-07-19 - orange colored glows traveling in a pattern changing to different a different pattern then back again
  • 2008-05-05 - Disappearing bright light over Smith Island in Everett, WA
  • 2008-04-30 - Very bright cone-shaped luminous object
  • 2007-11-13 - Silent Orange Flying Object in the clear night sky.
  • 2007-05-22 - Camano Island Wa. illumination 3 to 6mins. White illumination viewed from Everett Wa. 05/22/07


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