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Latest sightings in Galveston:
  • 2099-06-18 - I went to the beach by myself.I was looking up and saw 5 U.F.O's in a bowling pin formation I looked at my watch and it was exactly 4:3
  • 2094-06-04 - Previous Stealth sighting in Williamsburg area
  • 2087-05-20 - i wrote to this site about 1 year ago and did not get a response from you.

    when i was 10 years old my mom called me and my brother a
  • 2066-07-15 - Glowing Orb chased by F-104s in daylight over Galveston, Texas in 1966.
  • 2053-06-17 - It had been my habit before I opened my place of business each morning to do my early morning fishing. This one particular morning I ha
  • 2050-06-20 - Large orange-red lowering "Moon" object
  • 2015-08-08 - Triangular craft with colorful lights under the UFO.
  • 2015-04-25 - Large Hot Pink/Red very low and slow orbs over West end of West Bay. 7 seen in total
  • 2010-12-29 - Seen unidentified lighted object
  • 2010-05-22 - Orange Craft Seen Over Galveston Bay
  • 2010-02-23 - Myself and 2 others observed a neon blue meteor fall into the ocean off of Galveston island. It was on 2/23/10 at approximately 11:00
  • 2009-07-02 - cylinder craft flying over Galveston with no wings being chased by military jet.
  • 2008-11-30 - We were leaving a place when we saw a bright light in the sky, it looked as if it could be seen miles away. We sat and stared at it and
  • 2006-11-01 - Very fast white cigar shape with halo, low altitude, seen 2 times, with second observer.
  • 2006-06-30 - 3 lighted air craft shaped like a triangel
  • 2004-11-12 - I was very delighted to finally find a place to report this object we encountered that evening. My brother, cousin and I were aboard my
  • 2004-10-13 - Starting on October 10, 2004, I have seen an obj. in the sky twice. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect Venus may be one of the objects. PD))
  • 2004-07-31 - We were fishing off the North Jetties and my father in law pointed up and said, "What's that?" I then looked up to my left and could s
  • 2002-04-27 - Strange shape observed gliding over Galveston island during a warm Saturday afternoon.


Galveston [1] is a city in Galveston county, on an island on the Texas Gulf Coast. It has largely been overshadowed by the nearby megacity of Houston, but remains a port of entry and a destination for almost all the cruise ships with ports of call in Texas. Many Houstonians have beach houses in Galveston or elsewhere in Galveston County where they sometimes relocate during the summer, or simply drive to Galveston to enjoy the local beach.
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