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Latest sightings in Inglewood:
  • 2095-08-29 - Woman reports observing peculiar light flashing white, green, blue. Sees same object 2 days later. (Possible star?)
  • 2010-12-04 - 4 spinning/rotating light spreading apart and coming together as one in Hawthorne. ((NUFORC Note: Advertising lights?? PD))
  • 2010-11-03 - Tumbling metallic object in clear sky photographed near Los Angeles International Airport. ((NUFORC Note: Balloons?? PD))
  • 2005-07-08 - I was driving East on Century blvd a few blocks from Hollywood, Park Casino. I was right next to Jesse Owens Park and I look up to my
  • 2004-12-30 - Possible International Space Station Siteing
  • 2004-05-14 - From distance, it looked like a red gem hovering in the dark clear sky. Once it hovered on top of our house, a very loud hovering sound stabbed our minds.
  • 2003-07-01 - Strange Red Craft/ UFO Nightmares
  • 2002-07-28 - 10-15 lights around sun down. One blinking, all moving slowing across the sky. Possibly satellites, don' t know.


Inglewood is a city in Los Angeles County in Southern California.
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