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Latest sightings in Jackson:
  • 2099-12-22 - driving west on I-10 drizzeling rain, low clouds, passing a well lited lot I noticed a small cloud reflecting the lots lights. behind t
  • 2099-11-30 - I was going west on I94 at mile marker 174 when I looked up and seen a green fireball comeing through the clouds it was green and and h
  • 2099-11-16 - I exited my vehicle at about 7pm est and a greenish light caught my attention from the corner of my eye. It was travelling from my lef
  • 2099-11-12 - Four spherical objects, three traveling in an equilateral triangle formation fourth tailing behind and off to the right
  • 2099-11-03 - heading eastbound I-40 about 2 miles west of Jackson and saw a red light that I thought was a meteorite, red in color. It came half way
  • 2099-10-17 - Gray Chevron maneuvers and hovers above NFL game
  • 2099-10-17 - Boomerang shaped object hovers above NFL game.
  • 2099-08-05 - I was lifeguarding at a local pool when i looked up to the sky because it was a pretty sunset when i saw somthing move from behind a la
  • 2099-07-25 - unusual light
  • 2099-07-18 - Observed an object strobing red, wht, & blu at altitude & distance, stationary for apx. 20 mins.
  • 2099-06-08 - unknown craft saw on flat bed trailer being escorted by highway patrol
  • 2099-03-22 - My wife was walking to the driveway to leave and called me outside. We spotted a large blinking white light moving in a zig-zap pattern
  • 2099-03-11 - Delta wing shaped craft approx 60-70' in diameter/tip to tip hovered @ 11:00 for about 1 min. No sound. six round depression on undersi
  • 2099-02-18 - Lighted object observed strobing red, white & blue while completely stationary for apx. 20 mins. at altitude. Visual confirmation by AT
  • 2098-11-15 - Triangular shaped ufo witnessed by 200 Marines in Camp Lejeune, NC.
  • 2098-10-18 - First one appeared in the eastern sky and moved slowly south, about 10 minutes later another light appeared in the same spot the first
  • 2098-09-23 - Looked like a meterite except the color and tale both bluesh green streaked threw sky just like a meteorite didn't think much of it exc
  • 2098-07-17 - Diamond Shape Object Glowing incadescent Yellowish, The object was to our front right hovering just slightly below cloud level. It was
  • 2098-07-17 - Object was Metalic shinning silver saucer shaped with arch hanging down on the left and right side. Me and my wife observed for about
  • 2098-07-17 - Object was a saucer shaped cloud glowing white heading north to south about 700 feet up.
  • 2098-01-24 - Strange light doing 3 90 degree turns.
  • 2098-01-16 - Saw small cone shaped object near Fort Jackson army base.
  • 2097-10-28 - three orange lights appear in back of our factory while on a smoke break all moving back and forth!!!
  • 2097-10-16 - Metallic Sphere Scans My Entire Body
  • 2097-06-15 - Silver ball in Jackson MI
  • 2097-05-18 - There was a light that was folling us. Then it started flashing differnt colors. It flew away as fast as lighting.
  • 2096-11-16 - Jacksonville FAA relays rept. from 2 airliners: both at 41' k. see two objs. in large cloud of blue light streak by them. NOT meteors.
  • 2096-06-05 - Family immense, peculiar obj. roar overhead; sound like "C-47." Green lights down 1 side; accompanied by "white lights." Low alt.
  • 2096-05-15 - Two fishermen witness very bright obj. pass overhead from SW to NE. Covered 90 deg. of arc in 30 sec., they thought. (Satellite?)
  • 2096-04-02 - Man standing outside house witnesses "star" moving W to E in N sky. "Star" suddenly "turns 90 deg., goes straight up out of sight.
  • 2095-10-07 - Triangualar shaped object hovering in place.VERY close to the road,and this was a busy highway with people in front and behind.At night
  • 2095-05-19 - Woman repts. witnessing 3 saucer-shaped object over neighbor's house. They looked like "ball of fire." Deputy also witnesses.
  • 2095-03-29 - Woman reports bright, "neon-like" light, which moved, got brighter, ascended vertically very fast.
  • 2095-03-19 - FAA Shift Supervisor relays rept.--Woman reported large obj. close to ground, hovering. ( No follow up call.)
  • 2095-03-15 - Man sees blue-green obj. hover below overcast for 45 sec.. Streaks off, leaving veil of red sparks.
  • 2095-03-08 - Woman reports very colorful, flickering object in sky. Possible twinkling star.
  • 2095-01-30 - Man and wife observe three strange lights over Jacksonville that fly to southeast and fade out suddenly.
  • 2094-04-07 - Small light seen in jackson, michigan
  • 2093-08-12 - The translucent blue round sphere moved from horizon to horizon in 1 to 2 seconds with NO sound!
  • 2092-10-31 - Saw what appeared to be a meteor at first, but discovered differenty.
  • 2092-06-28 - Late eighties or early eighties day time low flying silver cylinder UFO flying perpendicular to ground
  • 2092-06-15 - An very similar sighting to the one reported over Phoenix this year happened over Jacksonville in 1992.
  • 2088-07-04 - I saw object but my family did not even though they were with me.
  • 2087-06-07 - Security personnel and park rangers observed along with park staff which I belonged to at Jackson Lake Lodge. Observed a light we thou
  • 2084-11-09 - I lived in Crossgates on the north end of the lake I woke up suddenly, got up out of bed and looked out the glass doors. Just above tr
  • 2084-06-15 - One large round disc. bright golden gleaming GORGEOUS OBJECT about 50 to 100 ft in diameter. It moved so rapidly. completely silent and
  • 2083-06-15 - Saw a triangle shaped object traverse sky on very clear night
  • 2081-08-15 - During a period of several nights, points of light moved over and under the ocean water in various formations, which were later reveale
  • 2079-04-15 - Mothership and three saucers left behind


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