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Latest sightings in Lawrence:
  • 2099-10-25 - A football field size triangular object with a fire-burner on the very back floated, with no sound, over my counsin and my head.
  • 2099-09-29 - Pulled out of Checker's parking lot, (grocery store)onto 23rd St. Driving East until I came onto 23rd & Ohio St. Present with my wife,
  • 2099-03-01 - hovering light, no sound, exited at very high rate of speed
  • 2098-10-17 - I was driving home on the interstate. I saw a very large bright light in the sky. I thought it might have been Venus or a plane. As
  • 2094-02-01 - The object was about 200 feet off the ground. There was absolutely no sound. It stayed in one spot in the air without moving.
  • 2089-07-03 - I was on my way home, from picking up my son up at the theater.
  • 2078-08-15 - Cigar shaped craft - 30 years ago - technology still cannot be explained
  • 2069-06-01 - It was a full moon when my brother and I observed 100 yards away for 5 minutes above the tree topics a metalic saucer shaped craft with
  • 2061-07-01 - I could have hit it with a rock
  • 2057-11-10 - Observed target on search radar. Ground speed about 25000 kt, altitude at least 30000ft. recorded on scope camera. observed by other ra
  • 2016-05-11 - Interdimensional being flying through the sky in a liquid motion.
  • 2016-05-08 - ((HOAX??)) I was sitting outside in my driveway, and I see a red light/dot coming out from the tree line, it raised, then stopped.
  • 2016-04-05 - ((HOAX??)) Very weird.
  • 2015-09-06 - Point of light that was moving in a straight line at a good speed, almost 2 times that of a passenger jet.
  • 2015-06-25 - Object with pulsing wave of light moving around it
  • 2015-03-15 - Bright green fireball.
  • 2010-05-10 - Oval light flying erratically in the midnight cloudy skys of Lawrence MA.
  • 2010-02-27 - Strangely behaving Light in the early evening
  • 2010-02-27 - Two orange objects spotted floating over Lawrence, Kansas, February 27, 2010 at 12:55 am.
  • 2009-04-04 - Orang colored sphere skipping very fast across the night sky
  • 2008-11-20 - two small, round lights moving very quickly, with abrubt direction and speed changes seen in South Lawrence.
  • 2008-05-18 - I took pictures of the moon and after reviewing the pictures there's a saucer shaped object in it.
  • 2008-04-25 - Daylight object at about 20 miles, traveling at 200+ mph, roughly ovoid in shape, metallic color.
  • 2008-01-05 - A single strange object in the sky above highway from Topeka to Lawrence
  • 2007-09-12 - Two UFOs spotted in sky over Lawrence in a few minutes by lone observer.
  • 2006-11-28 - Observed very bright green light eye-brow shape move silently across early evening sky.
  • 2006-11-21 - I saw a multicolored fireball moving left to right in the sky at cloud level.
  • 2006-11-09 - When driving down Lawrence Avenue from 9th street towards 6th, I looked to the left and saw an object full of light flying straight dow
  • 2005-12-20 - 15 glowing Objects Moving North To South
  • 2005-12-03 - A UFO over Lawrenceville, GA travelling due South which faded as it crossed the sky, followed by an aircraft.
  • 2005-11-20 - Over a dozen different "nocturnal light" patterns, exhibiting different flight styles (weaving through the air in sine waves, or spinning with brief spurts, or hovering stationary, or on a direct vector), some making a thrumming turbine kind of noise, some silent, and with different patterns and colors of lights.
  • 2005-11-11 - lights light up the sky.....and appear to be to the best of my knowledge, appear to look like a string of pearls on a necklace...Was also on the local news as someone phoned in a call to the local meteorologist. He stopped his broadcast and went outside and confirmed the strange occourance.
  • 2005-07-02 - I went out back to have a cigarette and saw a group of lights flying in a V formation. There were eight or nine on each side. At first
  • 2005-06-27 - Saucer appeared bronze and orange, hovered over trees, then went up fast and disappeared.
  • 2004-10-23 - We looked strait out ahead abou 3 miles away and there was a triangle shape with lightson the sides.
  • 2004-10-15 - Object with crescent-shaped 'nose' flew in direction of the opened side (i.e. with pointed ends of crescent leading)
  • 2004-08-05 - Isosceles triangle shaped craft, seemingly hovering, and then disappearing.
  • 2004-06-18 - seen twice big with lights
  • 2004-04-21 - Sphere-like craft with three lights flys over Lewis Hall, totally in vision. Three Lights. Object was near enough to see form.
  • 2004-04-09 - Spotted a cylindrical cloud behaving contrary to laws of physics at 2 PM. Took 7 very good photos.
  • 2004-04-09 - Took several daylight photos of very unusual tubular cloud along with a small dark object and a blue orb.
  • 2004-03-19 - This craft moved with too much force, that would've killed a person.
  • 2004-03-07 - I live in the 3rd floor and I have access to the roof and I live alone and that night I went up cause it was A full moon I love to loo
  • 2004-01-22 - large bright sphere in SW sky
  • 2004-01-12 - Bright, Color Changing Fast Object
  • 2003-12-09 - orange object in sky
  • 2003-10-04 - 9 or 10 lights in perfect (silent) formation in a trapazoid pattern moving around 30 mph in front of us at approx 500 feet above us.
  • 2002-11-19 - Saw an orange cross shaped craft with no blinking lights moving east to west


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