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Latest sightings in Lawton:
  • 2098-11-12 - On our way to return a rental truck we witnessed a craft/a warship/battlestar intersect us, then pull off the ground, then propel itsel
  • 2097-05-10 - Two turkey hunters are illuminated by a bright "beacon" from above. Illuminated woods around them. See bright blue light above them.
  • 2095-10-15 - Silvery orb hiding behind cloud!
  • 2087-07-25 - My girlfriend and I were lying on the ground looking at the stars, we noticed a large object with 6 rings of lights, dull like far away
  • 2086-08-01 - Flashing light from silent hovering triangle over Bankson Lake causes wittnesses eyes to burn and water for days after sighting.
  • 2086-08-01 - giant craft move slowly over lake It suddenly flashed brightly and went out. There was a wavy pattern behind it./eyes burned and watery
  • 2015-08-28 - Close Encounter with 2 UFO's.
  • 2015-01-21 - V-shaped object dragging a tail behind it!
  • 2009-08-26 - It would move slowly and sometimes quick in a circular pattern.
  • 2008-10-26 - Two sightings - 4 UFO's - 10 minutes apart - It was amazing!!!
  • 2007-09-22 - This is not the first sighting over Bankson Lake Lawton Michigan.
  • 2007-05-13 - I was visiting friends in Lawton and everyone had gone to bed. I was sitting in the backyard relaxing and enjoying the clear warm nig
  • 2006-08-24 - dark sphere east of lawton moved northeast after a short duration
  • 2006-04-18 - UFO seen US ARMY BASE at Fort Sill, OK
  • 2005-09-18 - 4 fireballs orbiting eachother for 20 min.
  • 2005-06-06 - Satellite-like object over Lawton, OK, June 6th 2005
  • 2005-01-26 - Captured In photo
  • 2003-11-16 - 2 crescent shaped lights moving and changing into "rockets" with red flames, and no white streaks behind them.
  • 2002-03-10 - Lawton UFO
  • 2001-12-01 - letting dogs out to do duty for night. I looked in sky and noted five lights moving horizontally toward the north. Lights changed color
  • 2001-08-15 - Was traveling north on 82nd st.about 1/2 mile south of Lee St. in Lawton, Okla.I saw 4 objects take off from ground level(one at a time
  • 2000-05-09 - Husband and I were driving on the interstate near the Deyo, OK. Exit sign..saw that sign a few minutes after our UFO incident, made it


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