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Latest sightings in Long Beach:
  • 2099-08-12 - While viewing the meteor shower, I noticed just to the right of Jupiter a small orange dot heading due north over me, passed extreme sp
  • 2098-11-28 - Traveling in car on 405 Fwy No. transition to 22 Fwy E. observed Large Triangle Craft very low Aprox 300 to 400ft traviling west craft
  • 2097-07-04 - egg shape UFO sppoted 4th of Jul 1997 Stainless steal reflective in color about 13:00 hours hovering
  • 2097-01-15 - A bright luminesant egg shaped object aproached the beach from the south and hovered with out sound for three mins.
  • 2097-01-03 - I awoke in a to a ball of white light in my hotel room in Long Beach, the object came towards me and I ran into the bathroom. The next
  • 2096-04-15 - A Large Brilliant green fireball was seen "fall to earth" in the direction of the Long beach airport.There was no fire or evidence of a
  • 2095-06-15 - Chevron/triangular orbs of light over Long Beach, CA.
  • 2079-08-15 - Fireball flying parellel with the horizen,then exacuting a 90 deg. turn over the horizen.

    The setting; approx. 10:10pm on Long Beach
  • 2076-06-15 - we saw craft flying and stopping between long beach and n.y.c.. It was too fast to be man made.
  • 2065-06-01 - At about 4 years of age, I observed a cylinderically shaped object fly over at about 2oclock due west.
  • 2059-07-07 - As a young man, I would lay out in the yard at night and look at the sky--I often saw an object moving at night speed, very high, no no
  • 2016-06-29 - Cluster of pulsing, shiny orbs viewed before sunset.
  • 2016-06-07 - Fireballs in the SoCal night sky.
  • 2016-05-07 - One orange/red stationary fireball like object in the sky looking south from Bixby Knolls area of Long Beach. ((anonymous rept.))
  • 2016-04-02 - Ball shaped, green fluorescent blob in Long Beach at the Pike.
  • 2016-01-23 - Large bright orange circle, rapidly ascending from sea level straight up in to the stars.
  • 2015-11-07 - Brightest light in the western clear sky as big as the moon. ((NUFORC Note: U. S. Navy missile launch. PD))
  • 2015-10-14 - Last night my wife had noticed 3 flashes of lights with 2 consecutive split second flashes within one of each of those flashes. I know
  • 2015-09-30 - High altitude bright white light strobe, multidirectional and stationary.
  • 2015-09-27 - 2 blinking blue lights high in sky not moving. Then headed west extremely fast, stopped again then moved west.
  • 2015-08-13 - Two strange lights (similar to satellites) following eachother and varying in brightness.
  • 2015-07-31 - Walking and saw it over the ocean fixed then they were gone at once.
  • 2015-07-11 - A large orange flash light coming from the back ( maybe a propulser?) of an unknow flying object. Flash was then kind of absorbed back
  • 2015-07-01 - 7+ UFOs seen on KTLA News 5 weather video
  • 2015-06-27 - Equilateral triangle of diffuse, stationary white lights off coast.
  • 2015-06-22 - White double egg like shaped object with a gold midsection.
  • 2015-06-22 - Double egg shape with gold like mid section. ((NUFORC Note: Image in video looks to us to be a jet aircraft, at mid altitude. PD))
  • 2015-03-20 - Loud military jet precedes 2 fast-moving yellow-orange orbs.
  • 2015-03-04 - A black rectangular object was seen in the NE direction from Long Beach, CA.
  • 2010-12-31 - Saw 3 bright lights flying and then they stopped, forming a triangle.
  • 2010-08-03 - Very fast Oblong crescent shaped object streaking through sky above Long Beach/Seal Beach, CA
  • 2010-08-01 - Saw bright green flash & streak, no accompanying sound, suspected copper/thallium-containing iron meteorite.
  • 2010-03-16 - Triangular object seen in Long Beach, CA
  • 2010-02-15 - UFO sighting Long Beach, CA - Small spherical bright light reflective object remaining perfectly stationary
  • 2010-01-15 - Loud cycling noise followed by multiple helicopters
  • 2009-11-10 - I saw blinking lights which at first looked like an aircraft except for irregularities in the sequence. The craft looked like it was j
  • 2009-09-19 - This object had no where to go but up ,It used this this mist cloud to cloak itself((NUFORC Note: Missile launch. PD))
  • 2009-05-12 - Two reddish lights following one another at a very high rate of speed,following the mississippi coast line.
  • 2009-03-17 - UFO seen in Long Beach California; Air traffic rerouted, helicopters search and no word in the media!
  • 2009-03-05 - They were moving to fast not to make a shock wave sound
  • 2008-12-31 - A formation of lights hovering above the Long Beach Harbor.
  • 2008-12-13 - Large white circle flew over Long Beach at a low elevation.
  • 2008-11-12 - green light travelling at light speed
  • 2008-11-12 - Fireball moves slowly across the sky, puses, then changes directions - Long Beach, CA
  • 2008-09-10 - White or reflective object at high altitude displays unusual flying behavior, disappears straight up.
  • 2008-08-03 - An oval brilliantly bright/white object with a trailing tail moving east to west over the ocean in 3-4 seconds.
  • 2008-07-15 - Long Beach California red/purple/pink fireball falling from the sky for about 15-20 seconds
  • 2008-03-03 - Chrome Disk motionless over ocean at sunset in Long Beach, CA 3/3/08 5:45 pm
  • 2008-02-26 - White colored upside down V shaped light/craft.

Long Beach

Long Beach[1] [2] is a city in Los Angeles County in Southern California.
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