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Latest sightings in Lorain:
  • 2085-06-20 - Circlear object appeared to be spinning Blue gray metal appeared to be glowing.
  • 2084-06-17 - can't be any ship we can build??
  • 2010-07-04 - big orange ball floating steady through the sky in Ohio on July 4, 2010
  • 2008-04-21 - I was behind my house, having a cigarette on the patio around our pool. I casually looked in the sky as I normally do, and noticed a ve
  • 2006-11-15 - I saw different colored lights in the sky southeast of me
  • 2003-01-14 - Crazy light beams in west cleveland area
  • 2002-02-12 - UFO near Cleveland Ohio, evening of 2/12/02.


Lorain is a city in Northeast Ohio.
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