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Latest sightings in Los Angeles:
  • 2099-11-13 - Object looked as if it could have been a star or an aircraft so high in the sky that it could have been mistaken for a star. The light
  • 2099-11-10 - Shooting star that changes course and accelerates?
  • 2099-10-24 - observing night sky, noticed two large(very large)V shaped objects flying@40,000-60,000ft. flying W to SE. Both objects were illuminati
  • 2099-10-18 - Witnessed an very dull gray object flying around in circles and figure 8's. Too fast and too silent for any aircraft.
  • 2099-10-11 - It was a large bright light sitting stationary in the sky. Within our atmosphere. Not a star. It did not move or change shape and was t
  • 2099-10-09 - Triangular shaped object in atmosphere 4.5-5.0 degrees in size traversing from northwest to southeast.
  • 2099-10-05 - This is a bit new to me, but I thought I had to tell you about somthing I saw recently on a flight from Los Angeles to Atlanta. I play
  • 2099-09-07 - Leaving Los Angeles International Air Port (737) FrontierAirlines (Departure flight was set at 07:00) about 20 minuets into the flight
  • 2099-09-02 - 2 military jets heard very loudly, moving low and fast, heard and gone in 20 seconds around 2AM near L.A. Airport. Related to West Coas
  • 2099-06-12 - My friend and I were driving home and we saw a light in the sky. At first I thought it was a plane or helicopter but noticed no same si
  • 2099-04-17 - A "V" formation of lights following a Los Angeles Airport flight path. (How could no one else see it)?
  • 2099-02-23 - first saw it as a white light with a brilliant orange tail, tail disappeared white light continued across sky east and then seemed to b
  • 2099-01-18 - There was a spotlight effect with flare of about 15 times the width of the light.
  • 2099-01-10 - I saw 2 glowing balls move slowly across the sky at high altitude.
  • 2098-12-05 - While walking with three other witnesses at about dusk, I viewed a contrail headed toward me from a direct West compass heading. The o
  • 2098-11-08 - a spectacular fireball moving horizontally from south to northeast.. approx. the same height as the regular helicopters and small aircr
  • 2098-09-23 - large boomerang shaped craft that glowed an irridescent white light. approx. 4am ..... the 4th week of september........ moving at a st
  • 2098-06-07 - Expanding pencile share very long and thin.
  • 2098-05-02 - Two objects aproached over the horizon when I was going out for the paper. They looked like two helocopters at first, but as they apr
  • 2098-02-01 - Long thin gray or black leading edge. Could not tell if I saw the rest of the craft or mirror image of clouds above object, which was m
  • 2097-12-25 - 12-25-97 a disk shaped U.F.O. - top half silver, bottom black - hovered over Eagle Rock from 9am to 11am.
  • 2097-11-29 - I was coyote calling on top of a mountain at night, and the sky was dark with clouds. A red flickering light came down through the clou
  • 2097-11-01 - It was a green light that hovered over the horizon being very still. After a few seconds of looking at it, it dropped straight below t
  • 2097-10-02 - oval, spheric object moving fast and straight
  • 2097-07-23 - On busy Wilshire Blvd. I looked up between tall buildings, saw "Top Hat" shaped craft stationary between buildings. There were porthol
  • 2097-05-20 - One of the items was shaped like an eclipse. I was so impressed that I retained notes of these occurences. Both occured on the same e
  • 2097-04-21 - Man noticed a peculiar "star-like" obj. in sky; suddenly accelerated and moved N to S VERY fast. Obj. zigzagged twice, disappeared.
  • 2097-03-14 - Silent, gliding boomerang with no lights
  • 2097-02-10 - object passed overhead.no sound no exhaust
  • 2096-11-29 - 3x youth playing baseball see "polygon, or square shaped" object in night sky. Strobed blue, changed color. (No written report.)
  • 2096-11-20 - Airline pilot reports peculiar object near Gorman VOR in California.
  • 2096-07-01 - Bright "Pearl" cluster seen looking northwest from Bev.Hills,W.Hollywood area. Observedfor more than half hour. Objects spun and lighte
  • 2096-04-15 - "twinkling" points of light seen above LA, one darting Westbound
  • 2096-02-23 - At 20:15 Pacific time on 2/23/96, while out on balconywith telescope, looked west, south west,and saw 3 triangularshaped objects with a
  • 2095-08-27 - Man repts. large "ball of fire" descend at 45 deg. angle. Descended behind mountains 6-7 mi. distant. Prominant tail. Ejected obj.
  • 2095-06-24 - Me, and six of my friends watched these lights in triangular shape hover in the air, and didn't break formation and then move westward.
  • 2095-06-01 - A silver polygon object with several satelight ships over downtown Los Angeles in the mid nintey's, stops and flys straight up.
  • 2095-06-01 - Huge stationary disk
  • 2094-12-30 - Three adults in car north of L.A. observed large, bright, orange ball of light move west. Left luminous tail.
  • 2094-01-24 - my friend and Isaw saucer craft -silent -eight glowing orbs underneath-with colors-traveled overhead
  • 2093-05-09 - My friend and I were watching the sky, when a row of lights was hovering, then made a zigzag move, and disappeared.
  • 2092-07-15 - low flying 5 light chevron
  • 2091-10-28 - It was a clear, sunny day. My friend and I went for a neighborhood walk. It was early afternoon. My friend first noticed 3 round whit
  • 2090-06-10 - the craft had 5 visable lights and a shadow of a form
  • 2088-06-15 - Seeing this object so clearly and not able to describe it as I would like to convey what we were seeing is difficult.
  • 2084-06-01 - Watched for about ten minutes a small balloon-shaped object that seemed to maneuver over a parking lot
  • 2083-08-22 - Large (200') black triangle craft with white & blue lights & plumbing like under structure flew at 350 feet . Loud tonal/buzzing
  • 2082-08-17 - Small flying "metal Death Stars"
  • 2080-01-21 - Spinning metallic diamonds over Super Bowl
  • 2079-09-09 - i was "called" to visit a ufo on mount wilson while i lived in Glendale,California.

    As i rounded the last large curve on red box roa

Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a huge city with several district articles — consider printing them all. The city of Los Angeles [2] is the heart of the second largest metropolitan area in the U.S. While it's most famous for Hollywood, that is just one aspect of this sprawling and highly diverse city.
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