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Latest sightings in Lynchburg:
  • 2016-06-01 - Flashing red lights that spread out amd disappeared over 35 min. Time span
  • 2015-10-11 - Strange "star" changing colors and moving slightly but remaining in the same part of the sky for 20+ minutes.
  • 2015-09-09 - A green and yellow glowing, circular light appeared in the sky falling toward the earth before fading out of sight.
  • 2009-03-07 - Bright stream of light moved in an s shape up and to the left as a plane entered the same airspace
  • 2008-10-01 - I was walking my dog this morning when I saw a very bright orange light approaching from the south.
  • 2005-11-03 - V-shaped lights, very faint and moving amazingly fast....this was no man made aircraft!!!
  • 2005-10-06 - Black Triangle, Three White Lights, What was that?
  • 2005-09-18 - maybe sighting of ISS?
  • 2005-09-02 - White cigar shaped object was stationary in the sky and then it was simply no longer there.
  • 2004-03-23 - VERY bright, diamond shape ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Venus?? PD))
  • 2004-03-23 - update to eariler report (3/23/04)
  • 2002-11-19 - Triangular Aircraft Flyby
  • 2000-11-12 - Extremely bright light stationary then slowly moving easterly over skyline of blue ridge mountains.


Lynchburg is in Virginia, within the United States of America.
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