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Latest sightings in Oak Park:
  • 2099-06-25 - 2 unidentidfied objects moving east-west. The first with 3 lobes, the second a rectanglular object with light at "front".
  • 2065-07-07 - After hovering motionless for hours, a mysterious arial light performs aerodynamically impossible maneuvers.
  • 2010-07-22 - Orange light zigzagging in the sky
  • 2007-09-04 - heard "humming" sound and then a brilliant flash went off. Within the flash was a disk shaped prism of rainbow colors.
  • 2003-04-12 - Sighting of white foggy illumination on ground
  • 2002-11-20 - 3 dots making arrows towards the south
  • 2002-11-20 - My friend at I were at the park when i noticed a triangular glowing arrow heading south. Then we noticed that there were 3 seperate ora
  • 2001-06-16 - Green/yellowish light on saucer object moving south to north in Southeastern Mich.

Oak Park

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