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Latest sightings in Odessa:
  • 2099-11-01 - Several people reported seeing bright lights outside Notrees TX. Reports from KCHX, KMRK radio and KOSA TV CBS.
  • 2096-11-16 - Husband & wife witness a large ball of light w/ a long green trail streak across sky. Very dramatic sighting.
  • 2096-10-20 - Driving down busy street at night, quarter of mile or so, thought we saw several helicopters in sky. Drove right up to it and under it
  • 2096-10-13 - We saw a huge diamond shaped object hovering over us.
  • 2088-10-15 - Driving at night on loop saw circular blinking lights.
  • 2076-06-15 - In the summer of 1975 or 76 I had just gotten off work around 2:00 am. Went home and got into bed with my wife. I was lying there liste
  • 2073-07-07 - The Odessa Event
  • 2073-07-07 - A 100 foot diameter,disk shape, dome top.The color was of stainless steel.It made no sound.This UFO came from the Odessa area, moved ou
  • 2073-07-07 - Confirmation of Odessa, TX sighting in 1973
  • 2066-06-01 - Silvery, football-shaped object rotates then accelerates upward until out of sight.
  • 2016-02-22 - On February 22, 2016, at approx. 13:00 hrs., this obj. in the photo flew by in a NE dir.. ((NUFORC Note: Lens flare from Sun. PD))
  • 2016-01-07 - Helicopter chasing UFO.
  • 2009-11-15 - I saw a dark retangular object slowly fly over my house.
  • 2009-11-15 - 3 oval shaped orange colored orbs flew by in a triangle formation.
  • 2008-03-09 - I was driving down the road and saw a large egg shaped object that was dark in color. I was able to see it for around 15 seconds then s
  • 2006-11-08 - Additional info on round glowing white gliding object reported 11/06/2006
  • 2006-11-08 - Silent Glowing white disc shaped object 100 foot off the ground
  • 2006-09-28 - While listening to my police scanner I heard the following dispatched - (address was given first, to which I unfortunately was not list
  • 2005-10-24 - My sister sent her story to meto fill outthisform , she was very busy. She did see a stainless steel UFO.Her main story is in her own hand.Stanley A. Wilson
  • 2005-10-15 - Large silver disk sitting above radio tower. Never saw anything like it before. Watched it long enough to know it was not a plane or balloon or anything else I had ever seen.
  • 2005-10-10 - Smooth stainless steel disk, right above radio tower one hundred fifty feet up in air. No windows seen, 5 witnesses, 6 counting electrician for radio company. Also had dome top. 100 foot diameter. Causing static on radio transmisson.
  • 2005-02-08 - small ufo sitting on electric line.
  • 2005-01-22 - Light in daytime moves very fast.
  • 2002-12-08 - Object traveling at a very fast rate
  • 2002-09-13 - RAH-66 black helicopters
  • 2002-08-23 - Heard Loud Roar....Went outside to invetigate.....But wasn't able to see it
  • 2001-07-14 - White 767 whith a thin cigar shape object trailing in the sky.


Odessa is a city in the Ukraine, a country in Eastern Europe.
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