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Latest sightings in Oshkosh:
  • 2099-10-26 - On my way to work I was traveling south on highway 41 between Oshkosh and Fond Du Lac, Wi. I was watching a plane high in the air spray
  • 2099-08-29 - I watched a black sphere slowly moving in a SW direction.
  • 2083-04-23 - Triangular Object in 1983 exactly like one reported here May 2003 from Kirkland, WA
  • 2083-04-23 - Same Triangular Shape Seen Back in 1983.
  • 2016-03-10 - Strobe lights surrounding orange craft.
  • 2009-01-08 - ((HOAX??)) Glimering lights stationary in formation same as what was on the news in New Jersey.
  • 2008-11-17 - 7 lights in a shraight line over Oshkosh. ((NUFORC Note: Student report. PD))
  • 2008-11-17 - Strange lights along Hwy 10 West, near Oshkosh.
  • 2008-08-02 - Flame over Oshkosh
  • 2005-10-18 - Just under the full moon, a copper-colored, fast-moving (only visible with binoculars) star-shaped form, squiggling around...still ther
  • 2005-07-28 - White disc against blue sky
  • 2005-01-08 - close sighting of silver-gray metallic object about 200-300 feet up.
  • 2004-08-20 - 7 white, saucer shapes flying in v formation on live TV in Oshkosh, WI
  • 2001-07-21 - Black disk,changing course,going straight up very fast for half a second and continuing on its course.
  • 2000-10-22 - Flashing lights around planet or star.
  • 2000-09-28 - Glowing orange flying saucer above UW Oshkosh seen


Oshkosh is in east-central Wisconsin on the shores of Lake Winnebago.
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