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Latest sightings in Passaic:
  • 2098-04-15 - I looked out the window at the sky about 8am in the morning. It was perhaps mid April with very puffy white spring clouds set against a
  • 2096-05-20 - Interaction with an unknown silent object which tumbled in a straight line away and up at a shallow angle to where a silver dot was.
  • 2074-05-15 - We thought it was we were looking at a sky full of stars...until they all started to move....
  • 2016-04-24 - I was not the witness. My friend who lives down the street was walking his dog and captured a video of 5 red circular crafts hovering a
  • 2005-08-27 - it appeared out of no where and while in the sky it was just flipping and twirling and then just disappeared...


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