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Latest sightings in Reno:
  • 2099-12-27 - Sphere with Spikes
  • 2099-12-09 - Saucer visible from University of Nevada, Reno looking to the east. Color was silver with golden glow, possibly reflected sunlight. A
  • 2099-09-01 - A Meteor with a Difference.
  • 2099-08-24 - object moved west-northwest for about 10 sec. very white color, sparks flew from behind
  • 2099-06-15 - I have been an aiviation enthusiast 20+years passing my FAA exam at 97%.I am no expert but am aware of most aircraft type and capabilit
  • 2099-06-08 - I saw some kind of craft about the size of a foot-ball field for about 10 seconds before it disappeared before my eyes. It was moving v
  • 2098-07-12 - a brilliant object appeared and moved in a sporatic manner along horizon changing color often and location colors of red blue and white
  • 2098-06-29 - objects appeared stationary at first, some floated like a hang glider. after about 15 minutes objects began to dart around sky and disa
  • 2098-06-06 - My wife and I were on our way to Reno. I was looking at a large cloud formation that was pouring out an unbelievable amount of rain. Wh
  • 2098-04-30 - Object appeared to look like a star moving SE overhead. Object stopped then continued. Picked up speed and turned a perfect 90 degrees
  • 2098-04-22 - We were driving down the road late at night when we saw a neon green light shoot across the sky and then it stopped on a dime. It hover
  • 2098-02-17 - Mr. and Mrs. J.S. were travelling westbound on the 60 Fwy through Moreno Valley when Mrs. S. looked towards the mountains due NW of the
  • 2097-12-09 - I was driving home on freeway going north and looked out drivers side window when i see a bright red round object in the sky right over
  • 2097-12-09 - Stationary bright red light, simular to jupiter in brightness but red eventuily moved to the south of reno and dimed.and Flashed Three
  • 2097-12-09 - Bright red light over Reno, NV
  • 2097-12-09 - I was driving home on the freeway going north and i looked out the drivers side window and i saw a bright red light over down town Reno
  • 2097-11-15 - Listened to radio on the way from San Jose to Reno, NV. We listened to Artbell on his AM talk radio. We just viewed what we thought w
  • 2097-10-13 - We saw several objects performing naneuvers that not possible for present day aircraft to accomplish. This sighting is indescribable th
  • 2097-07-12 - Large inverted triangle light moved slowly along the flight path of the airport for about a minute then instantly vanished.
  • 2097-06-11 - U.F.O.s sighted from commercial airplane.
  • 2097-04-20 - Couple in hotel room witness a very bright, white light streak from E sky to N. VASTLY faster than any aircraft. Unblinking.
  • 2097-04-19 - When first seen, it was a huge, brilliant white, "bow-tie" shaped object which exploded into a much larger sphere filled with red, gree
  • 2097-04-05 - my self and two other cousins were in palm springs califorina back from a track meet. we were in the middle of no where in the desert t
  • 2096-12-22 - Young man sees a very brigh "ball of blue light" out his window. It looked like a "single bubble of light, w/ 3-dimensional depth."
  • 2096-12-22 - I saw a HUGE ball like flash grow and then'erupt' while looking out of my windowfacing SE. It was not lightening. I love towatch the we
  • 2096-11-02 - Even though I am a private pilot, I spend every hour of jet flight viewing the earth below. COvered window allowed spotting overtaking
  • 2096-10-13 - At 3:19 am, bright light seen outside window and then one small tugboat triangular shaped aircraft seen over the house and then both oc
  • 2095-09-20 - Man, wife, 3 relatives witness "rounded, saucer-shape" obj. overhead. Flashing white & colored lights. Moved like "bouncing ball."
  • 2095-08-31 - Man goes outside to start car. Sees "two balls of light w/ different colors around them. Something "square" underneath, maybe doors.
  • 2095-08-06 - dull orange group of craft maneuvering and rotating arround each other in the sky over reno
  • 2095-05-03 - Man reports up to nine bizarre, white objects flying strangely overhead. (Calls 2nd time to report they are birds.)
  • 2093-09-15 - Daytime sighting over Reno airport of formation consisting of three aqua spheres and two bronze elliptoids
  • 2093-05-09 - looking directly east, saw object slowly moving north from south, stop, drop 3 fireballs, slowly moved south and with no hesitation, to
  • 2083-06-15 - square green flourscent light projecting a control beam of light by speed and depth from the sky to ground
  • 2082-05-15 - Loud boom, so loud shook house. Went outside to see what happened. Saw hole in sky cover perfect circle. Moon in center of circle,full
  • 2081-06-01 - "shooting star" does a 180, and makes off axis shifts over reno.
  • 2081-01-01 - New Years 1981 Crashing Disc
  • 2076-11-27 - It was Thanksgiving 1975 or 76. When I came out of our house it was hovering over our neighbors one story house. It was daylight and I
  • 2075-11-27 - Disk shaped craft hovering above house in Stead, Nevada
  • 2075-05-01 - A disk shape hovering over my apartment building in broad daylight in a busy city.
  • 2064-06-14 - I saw a luminous object which I can only desribe as a UFO...
  • 2016-02-10 - White cone shaped object in the early morning sky over Reno, NV.
  • 2016-01-24 - 4-5 UFO's (orange lights) circled around a bobbling circular UFO mothership (white light with a red light on the top or rear)
  • 2015-12-29 - We were driving in our BMW going southbound on Veterans and noticed a round green stoplight-shaped light about a mile up in the SE sky.
  • 2015-11-22 - Orange star turning color to white.Out of east headed to west toward trukee.
  • 2015-11-15 - Stealth craft, or UFO?
  • 2015-11-15 - Black triangle. Only discernible by observing the blotting out of stars. Clearly a very large object.
  • 2015-11-15 - Black triangle. Only discernible by observing the blotting out of stars. Clearly a very large object.


Reno is a city in the state of Nevada that is located along the eastern edge of the Sierra Nevada mountains. Both a destination in its own right and a gateway for many outdoors activities, Reno is the second largest gaming destination in Nevada, and while some of the Casinos are quite large they tend to be less glitzy than those in Las Vegas. It seems, the pursuit of wealth gave birth to what would become Reno. Starting with a toll bridge on the Truckee River, aggressive entrepreneurs extracted a fortune from the traveling goldrush migrants. Apparently, our city did not emerge from diligent community planning but rather was more the offspring of men driven to make a buck. Since the birth of that river-crossing outpost, Reno has spread across much of the Truckee Meadows. Reno and Sparks, (a smaller adjacent city), now spread across this small valley separating the Sierra Nevada mountains to the West and Nevada's expansive desert areas to the East. It seems, the profiteering characteristic of our predecessors occasionally plagued the course of Reno's subsequent generations. Some Reno-ites claim Nevadans are simply of a freer nature. Others think we have repeated the steps of our goldrush era founders. Certainly, the choices we make today are what will determine the true nature of our community. Here's a note from Mayor Bob Cashell about Reno: "I'm proud to be Mayor of the city of Reno, a modern progressive and dynamic city. Reno is nationally recognized as one of the best places to live and raise a family in the United States. And, Reno has been voted "the Friendliest Town in Nevada" seven years running. Reno offers year-round recreational opportunities, exciting community events and entertainment for the whole family. Reno is also one of the major tourist destinations within the United States. "In addition, we enjoy a strong economy with very low unemployment, affordable housing, and an excellent school system, low taxes, and wonderful higher education opportunities. I'm proud to live here and invite you to visit our wonderful community." Mayor Bob Cashell, City of Reno (by permission from the Reno Business Directory)
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