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Latest sightings in Rochester:
  • 2099-12-03 - Abduction to underground facility.
  • 2099-11-16 - Saw a boomerang shaped, grey, HUGE, object pass at about 45 degrees from the horizon. It was gliding to the south east direction. More
  • 2099-10-04 - Bright lights in the sky witnessed from highway
  • 2099-07-14 - light as bright as Venus traveled from west to east,no sound,no aircraft lights even through binaculars.
  • 2099-07-06 - I was driving east on hwy 12, there were a few light clouds in the sky, I saw an ovoid shaped object at about 5-7000 ft. If I extended
  • 2099-06-08 - I've witnessed a fast blinking green light that would not blink at times, which disapeared after a total of 10 seconds.The next night I
  • 2098-09-29 - Walking dog, looked up, saw large orange fireball with a long orange tail streak across sky directly above.
  • 2098-09-23 - I observed a very bright sphere travelling from 60 deg. to 20 deg. East of Rochester, NY. It was a bright white sphere, moving very fas
  • 2098-09-03 - Long silvery object spotted in sky.
  • 2098-07-21 - I was with my brother in my front yard, when I noticed a slow blinking light up in the sky. I knew it wasn't a satilite because it was
  • 2098-06-20 - My girlfriend and I were sitting on my deck looking at the stars and this Triangular shaped craft "floated" or slid directly overhead.
  • 2098-06-15 - My friend and I saw two bright lights that moved at a incredible rate. 2 jets followed the lights and they disappeared.
  • 2097-08-08 - This is the second time I have seen a black spherical object in this general area.
  • 2097-06-10 - another person and i were driving home on a semi - unoccupied road. i noticed a strange glow, an almost greenish light in the sky, in a
  • 2096-05-13 - Man, brother, see bright yellow light hovering over local woods suddenly descend into woods, turn to orange. Sudden flash of light.
  • 2096-05-01 - I saw three triangle shaped craft fly over my neighborhood.
  • 2096-04-22 - Woman sees "bnright whitish-gold light" hovering in sky. Two smaller lights on either side.
  • 2095-10-21 - UFO followed me
  • 2095-07-27 - Two men driving on major hwy. witness a strange triangle overhead w/ red, green, & yellow lights directly overhead. Flew slowly.
  • 2095-05-26 - Large triangler ufo spotted in Michigan.
  • 2095-05-17 - I was a superviser in a machine shop B shift,my guys had lunch at nine.

    They were going out to get something to eat,and I was still
  • 2083-10-31 - Elongated diamond shaped, platinum silver disc with various colored lights aligning the perimeter of the disc...
  • 2081-04-23 - I saw a shooting star that stopped: lights of red, blue, green began flickering and it lowered down below treeline, then darkness.
  • 2080-07-30 - It was a long time ago, but the memmory is still clear. My brother and I were star gazing and saw what appeared to be a LARGE vehicle t
  • 2080-06-01 - This was seen in 1979 or 1980. Its been a long time ago. I have just recently been able to talk about it. It was a huge Boomerang craft
  • 2078-08-15 - Streaking white dots
  • 2076-10-15 - Flashing red light appeared a foot above my car then sped away at incredible speed.
  • 2075-05-25 - Prior to the full lunar eclipse I clearly saw an impact on the moon at the 11 o'clock portion of the moon followed by a much smaller af
  • 2074-08-29 - UFO MICHIGAN
  • 2073-07-15 - While walking to another building for a lunch break, I and many other people saw this "craft" hovering over the city Of Rochester for 2
  • 2070-11-01 - A number of cases described a reddish clay residue that had been found at abduction sites.
  • 2066-08-30 - Disc shaped object came down from clouds, hovered for 15 seconds, then slowly went back up into the clouds.
  • 2066-08-15 - they just seem to fly out of the west sky stop and then they were gone and no we were not on drugs,
  • 2065-06-01 - My wife and I were driving from Brockport to our home in Rochester, NY in the evening when we spotted three bright discs hovering in th
  • 2016-07-04 - Flying object saucer shape with red and green lights seen in Rochester Hills, MI
  • 2016-02-01 - Yellow/orange bright light over Rochester, NY.
  • 2016-01-29 - Saw a stationary object in the sky giving off a light, the light grew and the craft vanished.
  • 2015-12-23 - Square or diamond shaped object hovering and moving very fast over Rochester, NY. 12/23/15 7:30 p.m. (EST).
  • 2015-11-20 - On the night of Nov. 20th, at approximately 5 pm (1700 hrs), I was at work and was informed by a fellow employee that there was so
  • 2015-10-24 - Unexplained Lights Over Rochester, NY. ((NUFORC Note: Possible advertising lights?? PD))
  • 2015-10-14 - On a cloudy night in Minnesota I was on my back patio looking up towards the west for any stars and a light came into view that I assum
  • 2015-10-12 - Yellow/Orange/White sphere seen by 3 in Rochester NH
  • 2015-10-02 - Large strange light shapes in sky flying in loose formation in semi-circle, then off in a straight line.
  • 2015-09-27 - Bright orange orbs hoovering and zipping through the atmosphere with ease.
  • 2015-09-14 - Many star like things wiggling in the sky at 12am till ??? I couldn't stay up to wait to watch them jet off or whatever.
  • 2015-08-23 - Seen 2 orange orbs passing NE to N each dropped 3 small bright objects then later I used a telescope because I seen 2 bright stars that
  • 2015-08-16 - Fast moving light, going straight up.
  • 2015-08-06 - 3 orange lights, forming a perfect triangle in the SW sky, without sound or motion.
  • 2015-07-09 - I saw 5 red-orange colored, circular shaped slow flying objects with no sound and I was at the Greece Town Hall by the library.
  • 2015-07-04 - 5 orange lights following the same path, seemed to die out as they progressed, seen by five people w/video.


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