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Latest sightings in Saginaw:
  • 2098-01-10 - A round light in the sky hovered then moved in a perfect line from one point to another and disappeared
  • 2096-02-27 - Commuter airliner w/ passengers turns, descends 12,500' to avoid a bizarre, extremely bright obj. directly ahead. Obj. could "jump."
  • 2096-02-27 -
  • 2079-07-25 - fleet of saucers spotted in Saginaw,Michigan
  • 2078-08-14 - witnessed formation that came to a stop,turned suddenly went different way and disappeared
  • 2015-07-04 - 2 joined balls, bright fiery orange, traveling from west to east across the night sky very fast.
  • 2015-06-01 - A strange blue object that appeared to come from behind the moon, moving very fast.
  • 2010-11-09 - Blimp-like object, then missile-like object, then 3 transparent saucer-shaped objects.
  • 2010-10-08 - I woke up and saw a bright orange light hovering outside my window.
  • 2009-08-16 - I was in the backyard with my girlfriend when we saw bright green glowing ball which seemed to fall at a 60 degree angle. It disappeare
  • 2009-08-05 - Orange glowing fire ball
  • 2008-07-04 - bright orangecircular glowing light in the sky
  • 2007-08-12 - Triangle shaped object, flying very low with bright white litghts
  • 2006-02-25 - More than one sighting in saginaw!
  • 2001-06-11 - Triagular hovering UFO with a rainbow of colors flashing around it has emitted a small ball of light and disappeared over head .
  • 2000-10-31 - Large, bright 'shooting star' going from Northeast to Northwest - 18:30 - 19:15 on Halloween
  • 2000-10-21 - Bright white cone-shaped object seen over Saginaw, Michigan
  • 2000-03-24 - a white flash ball hurling......very quickly headed NE then disappearing


Saginaw is a city in Central Michigan; it is the largest of the "Tri-Cities" of the Saginaw Bay area with Bay City and Midland.
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