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Latest sightings in Salem:
  • 2099-12-27 - Standing in my kitchen window I noticed a multi colored light flashing in the Southeast about 3 or 4 miles up. Shaped as a diamond and
  • 2099-11-11 - At about 10:20 PM I saw a bright cluster of orange and red lights moving rapidly across the sky from north to south.
  • 2099-10-03 - saw something out of the corner of my eye turend in time to see 2 flashes
  • 2099-09-07 - Green umbrella shaped object coming in from the east and moving directly towards my position.looked like meyeorite except too big and s
  • 2099-09-07 - large greenish white umbrella shaped object coming in fast left ionized trail.
  • 2099-09-03 - At 2230 I saw a bright flash of light in the NW sky..this was followed by a sighting of a pinkish colored boomerang shaped craft.it loo
  • 2099-08-15 - Bluish-green, very bright flash of light toward the southeastern horizon.
  • 2099-08-03 - bright light fading to dim, followed by another dim light, both disappeared.
  • 2099-07-08 - At first sight looked like star but kept moving almost in triangle upward motion. Colors kept changing as it moved upward. Am not sur
  • 2099-06-11 - A large flashing strobe, white in color, Saw it standing still high in the sky. Then moved a short distance, stood still for a few seco
  • 2099-05-12 - 3 of us standing in a large open area walking dogs. Watching some airplanes and than I tuned and saw the cylinder craft which flew int
  • 2098-10-16 - My husband and I were traveling south on I-5 north of Salem when a huge bright light appeared ahead of us mid-sky. It seemed to be ove
  • 2098-10-15 - silver-white sphere crossed sky in 12 sec.
  • 2098-09-23 - Object was perfect sphere with blue half circle trail size tip of my pinky
  • 2098-08-29 - It had approx. 4 large lights, in a diamond shape that would blink, and immediately following it, a large burst of fire from the rear..
  • 2098-08-21 - object was travelling below cloud level,from north to south. boomerang shaped pinkish silver color manuevered without changing speed th
  • 2098-08-03 - Bright light hovered over Marblhead Bay for several hours. Oval to disk shape but seemed to also change shape as well as color. Bright
  • 2098-07-15 - while night fishing we watched a silent craft slowly hover over a large pond over a 4-6 hour period making its way across the body of w
  • 2098-06-01 - We were stargazing, when we saw a dot of light weaving between stars.
  • 2097-09-15 - We saw a bright green object that looked like a comet or shooting star but it moved very slowly.
  • 2097-07-18 - My husband had been sitting the computer in our den when he noticed rotating red, white and blue lights in our back yard. It was a hot
  • 2096-11-14 - 4 individuals witness distinctly red light above clouds. Changes to white, back to red, then disappears. Video footage taken.
  • 2096-09-15 - While driving home on State street just East of Lancaster (we were traveling East) a bright lime/jade green "comet" appeared infront of
  • 2095-07-15 - over the tops of the trees we could see this bright yellow object with something brown in the middle. once it went past the trees, we
  • 2095-06-22 - A friend of mine and I where in the woods camping and we kept seeing this bright light that would come on and go off so we went out of
  • 2095-05-19 - Man w/ two brothers witness 7-8 discs at high altitude. One obj. larger than others. Multiple calls to 911; MUFON investigating.
  • 2093-06-15 - Triangular craft whit no lights or exhaust flying way too slow at less than 100 feet off the ground
  • 2091-11-23 - The craft hovered above car for 3 to 5 minutes staying directly 30-50 feet in front of the car above the road. Lowed itself infront of
  • 2087-01-01 - Woman repts. past sighting of perfectly round, red globe floated across city. 2nd one appeared. Witnessed by reporter, too.
  • 2086-10-15 - Very Close Encounter.
  • 2085-06-20 - Multi colored sphere like in
  • 2077-05-15 - Slowly moving cigar-shaped object with unusual flashing lights seen in Salem, OR in 1970's.
  • 2074-07-20 - This story is very familar with an experance me and about 8 of my friends saw about 30 years ago on Boston Street Salem Mass.

    We sti
  • 2073-03-01 - Saw a fast moving light that perfomed an instantanious 90 degree turn and disappeared shortly thereafter.
  • 2066-12-19 - Strange Orange lights seen on the same day, at the same time, thirty six years ago.
  • 2066-07-01 - 4 adults and 2 children witness spherical object with apparent flame coming from rear, flying across sky in front of them silently.
  • 2066-07-01 - Witnessed oval shaped object with flame in rear.
  • 2066-06-15 - The pay off could be big for a little research.
  • 2060-02-18 - It was on a Full Moonlit night, while snowsledding, a friend called to me and said , "look Bill, what in the world is that?"
  • 2059-07-19 - 1959 Saucers-huge- pattern of four shifting high in Ohio skies-white-yellow perfectly formed-moving very fast
  • 2045-06-07 - I always thought this sighting should be on an official list, now, 60 yrs. later, it is.
  • 2016-07-04 - Saw a red/orange ball of light slowly pass overhead. I know it had nothing to do with fireworks. I did not see any solid shape, just an
  • 2016-04-09 - While observing the moon tonight at about 9:20 pm PST my daughter said, "Look, I saw a flash in the sky over there three times."
  • 2016-04-08 - Red lights over Bensalem.
  • 2016-04-05 - As me and my fianse were sitting outside smoking we saw multiple amber and white colored lights appear and then dim out w/n 2-5sec in t
  • 2016-03-30 - Very large firecolor came from the trees and moved slow across the sky. Once it got above my house it fizzled out.. it started out a fi
  • 2016-02-18 - Bright ball of light over Salem, NH; 2 witnesses.
  • 2016-02-06 - My grandma and I were going down 52b and at 1st we saw a super bright light and were first though that it was a plan but as we got clos


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