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Latest sightings in San Leandro:
  • 2098-08-08 - I first saw two bright yellowish beams in the sky, higher than clouds, and as I got closer, a black disc over the beams, tilted, and th
  • 2097-07-19 - While during commute in fall of 1997 or 1998 on my north bound commute between San Jose and Sanleandro, California, I witness a drizzle
  • 2077-08-12 - A huge, maybe 100' wide, metalllic flying saucer. It hoovered quickly and swift, colorful lights at bottom
  • 2057-06-19 - The night of Sputnik, a drag race in the sky of 5+ objects stole the show for us.
  • 2015-12-14 - Five, non-blinking red lights in triangle or A configuration, East Bay Area.
  • 2009-08-20 - Wierd lights in the sky of the SF Bay.
  • 2006-09-02 - My husband was driving on the I580 freeway from Oakland to Hayward, California. We were driving by San Leandro California when my 13 y
  • 2006-05-04 - four round ligths flying in triangle formation spoted over san leandro
  • 2005-02-21 - 100" (appox.) flying saucer (disc shape) Numerous reports of a UFO sightingto the local newspaper. However, It was written off as a chemical explosion.
  • 2004-06-09 - Humming oval shaped object with tiny red lights on bottom
  • 2004-05-06 - Loud humming noise and oval shape with lights
  • 2003-10-14 - parrallel lights coming towards me, no sound and then just disappeared
  • 2002-10-12 - Bright white disk, stationery for ten minutes, and then in an instant disappeared completely.

San Leandro

San Leandro is in Alameda County in the East Bay portion of California's Bay Area.
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