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Latest sightings in Santa Rosa:
  • 2099-11-05 - A bright light in our bed room for a second or two.
  • 2099-05-03 - At approx. 9:40 pm 5/3/99, I was looking to the NW. sky, when I saw a perfect isocolese triangle with a large dimmly lit , amber light
  • 2099-03-11 - Travled very fast north to south. Lights on all points. Very little sound.
  • 2098-12-10 - Strange, projectile-firing light over northern california.
  • 2098-12-06 - Pale red light, approx. 1000 foot altitude, very slowly elevated to 1500 feet,then proceded towards our direction, so we continued driv
  • 2097-10-24 - Circular object; leading edge visable and dull white;shape of crecent moon; heading nw to se; twice size of moon; no details other than
  • 2097-01-04 - A brief encounter with a circular looking object that appeared to be on fire...

    A neighbors house down the street a circular looking
  • 2095-10-02 - Woman goes out to smoke, witnesses overhead "something flapping its wings, like a pteradactyl." Obj. flew NW. Had blue lights.
  • 2095-08-04 - Man reports witnessing unusual object against mountains to E of city. (Facts unclear)
  • 2095-02-15 - Woman sees bright flash, then witnesses large, iridescent, "sparkly" obj. streak north. Not meteorite.
  • 2092-08-16 - I was visited by an unexplained anamoly in the middle of the morning.
  • 2088-12-22 - First off, I am a very skeptical person. At the time of the sighting, I was a California Highway Patrol Officer for 6 years and very g
  • 2083-08-01 - Slow flying, noiseless object with red strobes.
  • 2078-08-25 - Large glowing orange oval observed while driving south from Windsor, Ca. towards Santa Rosa on hwy 1. The object was moving slowly acro
  • 2077-06-10 - A very large boomerang shaped object very rapidly approached us,hovered less than 100 ft over a house then accelerated off into the nor
  • 2074-03-15 - The size of the object and it's perfect detail left us with no doubt of what we were seeing.
  • 2071-04-03 - Unbelievably beautiful spatial anomaly
  • 2068-09-09 - Large Orange Circlular Object Moving Slowly and Silently
  • 2016-02-19 - My husband and I watched 4 orange lights fly slowly and quietly towards us over a fairly busy intersection.As they ascended the lights
  • 2016-02-15 - Strangest thing... On our way to the lake, it caught the corner of my eye. The only way I can describe it is... Looked like a flying du
  • 2015-11-07 - It hovered for several minutes then left a beam of light and a large mushroom cloud.((NUFORC Note: U. S. Navy missile launch. PD))
  • 2015-11-07 - Unkown obj. with beam of white light moved horizontally, before taking off into sky. ((NUFORC Note: US Navy missile launch. PD))
  • 2015-10-25 - Two orange-red flickering bright lights appeared . Floating south to north for 1 and a half minutes .then fading out.
  • 2015-10-09 - Craft with 2 bright reddish pulsating lights, 5 small lights moved into set position in sky and stayed in that position for 15 m
  • 2015-09-17 - 3 spheres appearing as a wheel with 6 spokes. White lights evenly spaced on wheel and spokes.
  • 2015-06-22 - My son and I were playing catch around 1pm when in the sky above his head I noticed a large white "dot." I was facing northeast.
  • 2015-06-04 - Huge bright light on top of Taylor Mountain ridge. Looked like huge spot light, perfect circle. Watched it for total of 5 mins and film
  • 2015-05-29 - White luminous small moon like object traversed daytime sky E to W for about 1.5 hours.
  • 2015-05-06 - I am a 65 year old female domestic engineer.

    On the night of May 6, 2015 my husband and I went to bed at 21:00.

    At 23:25 I woke u
  • 2015-04-05 - Very bright blinking light in the sky followed by a loud humming noise
  • 2015-01-21 - I am a 63 year old resident of Santa Rosa, CA. I have never before seen a UFO. I see many aircraft pass over regularly because
  • 2010-08-21 - A low flying cylinder shaped obect with a propeller fan looking device at the end about 150 above ground.
  • 2010-02-24 - small shiny diamond hovers
  • 2009-10-24 - 10 UFOs over Santa Rosa, California (six in a big dipper formation, four in a half circle)
  • 2009-08-23 - 8/23/09 @ 8:50pm , duration 15 minutes, Santa Rosa, CA - several witness. 7 Orange/red oval objects -stood still
  • 2009-08-23 - Fireballs in the North joined by others moving slowly from the South East then they drift upwards getting smaller disappearing
  • 2009-08-05 - Orange lights in a line appearing and disappearing.
  • 2009-07-16 - Craziest thing i've seen in my life, truly unexplainable
  • 2009-05-08 - A sight of an object, with 5 orange lights lined up horizontally, was seen hovering quietly between 500 to 1000 feet above houses.
  • 2009-04-04 - Five or six hovering lights formed into a triangle in the sky in Santa Rosa, California.
  • 2008-11-16 - Brilliant fireball observed while driving north on Stony Point Road, Santa Rosa, CA. ((NUFORC Note: Possible meteor. PD))
  • 2008-10-13 - I was standing outside early in the morning looking at the stars and i noticed what appeared to me as one of the stars started to mve i
  • 2008-09-27 - A large yellow fireball traveling slowly and nearly horizontal across the night sky
  • 2007-07-08 - First one, then two bright white objects hovering motionless and varying in brightness.
  • 2006-09-03 - I saw it first, then I said, "Hey, look at that!" My sister and I both saw a triangular shaped object with lights at each corner shooting across the sky at unbelievable speed.
  • 2005-08-01 - Saw a very bright light on an unusual course moving at relatively low altitude without making a sound.
  • 2005-07-05 - Bright White/ blue sphere moved away into darkness of sky
  • 2005-05-18 - Stationary Spherical Light 1 Hour Duration over Santa Rosa, NM. ((NUFORC Note: Possible high-altitude balloon. PD))

Santa Rosa

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