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Latest sightings in Scottsdale:
  • 2099-12-09 - At 10 minutes to 10 PM on 12/9/99 in Scottsdale, Arizona I saw something that I have never seen before. Traveling North West above the
  • 2099-11-16 - Non-moving lights in the southwestern sky.
  • 2099-10-12 - I witnessed a extremely white bright cigar shaped light in the west/soutwestern sky, low on the horizon. It moved slowly from south to
  • 2099-09-28 - round flat type disk hovered and proceeded to move slow. white in color .eventually slowly moved away and disappeared
  • 2099-06-09 - Two bright amber lights seen over Phoenix
  • 2099-01-28 - Dark triangular shape against the darking sky. The object had great speed and no sound or light was evident.
  • 2098-10-26 - I heard a very loud noise like a jet engine on the next block. I looked in that direction (E-NE) and heard a second noise exactly the
  • 2098-10-23 - At least four bright objects hovered for several minutes, then randomly moved slowly up and down while becoming very intense when desce
  • 2098-09-23 - Good day: This evening at approximately 9:00pm in Scottsdale Arizona I was driving eastbound on Sheer Blvd. at 110th street, my attenti
  • 2098-09-19 - iT looked like a big star twinkling.Thru binaculars it had red green, and white lites blinking like a disco lite. In the distance wher
  • 2097-10-04 - Location facing East at 01:57AM East being 12 like a clock face..look at 12:45-13:00 just above the horizon and just below a group of s
  • 2097-03-13 - 2002 submission of March 13th mass UFO sightings over Phoenix
  • 2097-03-13 - Myself, my 12 yr old son and his friend watched a large triangular shape craft with colored lights (red mostly) in chevron design glide
  • 2097-03-13 - I hope it's ours ! If not, it's definately 'someone else's'... (and FOR SURE, it's not of human origin) !
  • 2096-06-04 - Man witnesses a large, bright white "ball of light" pass overhead very fast. Not a satellite, he thought.
  • 2096-05-14 - Man sees "very bright white light, with a trail of light," streak across sky to NW. Bigger than star, distinctly circular in shape.
  • 2096-01-02 - Mother of UFO investigator repts. witnessing 2 very bright, yellowish balls of light over McDowell Mtns to N of city. 20 deg. up.
  • 2095-12-18 - Man (pilot) & woman witness stationary bright obj. w/ strobe lights in NE sky. Regular strobing pattern. FAA radar negative.
  • 2095-09-28 - Sighting of lone fireBall on 09/28/95.In the hours between 8pm and 10pm.
  • 2095-05-13 - Broad daylight sighting of enormous craft outside of Scottsdale Arizona May 13, 1995 around 2:00pm by husband and wife for about 20 min
  • 2095-03-26 - Man sees cluster of 8x obj. over city. Different colors. Two obj. eject brown, circular obj.
  • 2087-07-23 - 1 UFO 30 degrees off horizon due west of Scottsdale, AZ. Red, White, Blue, Green flickering lights. Hovered for about 20 minutes. Mo
  • 2081-05-09 - An orange fireball above our backyard
  • 2069-07-01 - my brother, several neighbors and I were playing outside when we all noticed a fast light streak really high up on the sky, near the s
  • 2016-06-02 - Flash of light in the sky followed by a boom, followed by smoke trails that appear in uneven circles. ((NUFORC Note: Meteor? PD))
  • 2016-05-29 - A shadow moving across mountain peaks which cause could not be determined.
  • 2016-03-12 - Unusually shaped object flying over North Scottsdale.
  • 2016-03-02 - 4 lights seen in a formation.
  • 2016-01-18 - Bright white lights and lots of helicopters.
  • 2016-01-06 - Three bright lights in a triangle formation low on the horizon; disappearing and reappearing as well as traveling.
  • 2015-12-31 - Star-like object in SE sky over Reservation with distinct multi-colored lights. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of the star, Sirius. PD))
  • 2015-12-03 - Very fast, noiseless bright lit lights.
  • 2015-11-22 - I looked up at a very bright shining circle objects. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of planets? PD))
  • 2015-11-03 - Two shiny orbs east Scottsdale, AZ.
  • 2015-09-21 - I saw a what appeared to be a very bright star but was too big and too round low in eastern sky.had circles inside circles under zoom
  • 2015-07-09 - I saw 10 objects in the eastern sky with white and red blinking lights and they are not airplanes. They move back and forth.
  • 2015-03-25 - Seen in Scottsdale Arizona, 3 Bright Yellow Lights in Triangle Formation Hover Low to Ground then fly off together
  • 2015-02-22 - Its shape was outlined from the two lights on the ends and how it covered the stars behind it.
  • 2015-02-08 - Bluish Green diamond shaped coming in at a steep angle towards the earth, then it banked hard right and gained altitude as it headed S.
  • 2015-01-28 - Around 7:15 PM, 4 others and I witnessed 2-3 glowing orbs over Mesa/Salt River Reservation in AZ.
  • 2011-01-20 - Slow moving, red pulsing light in the sky
  • 2011-01-15 - A glowing green circle gliding acoss the sky
  • 2010-11-21 - I was at home on the patio that was facing south, I looked up and saw a dark object in the sky. I thought it was a helicopter but it wa
  • 2010-08-13 - A small, low gliding disc shaped with a tail ufo was seen over Scottsdale.
  • 2010-06-05 - 100's of star like objects move in a synchronized way across a night sky and slowly disappear, Arizona.
  • 2008-11-19 - Unfamilar orange lights in North Scottsdale
  • 2008-11-18 - Scottsdale sighting against air traffic
  • 2008-09-17 - Object morphed after descent
  • 2008-07-14 - A gigantic red cloud with an inner flickering light was seen hovering over the Scottsdale/Tempe area at 2 am on July 14th, 2008


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