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Latest sightings in Somerville:
  • 2099-07-15 - Bright Globe Circles House
  • 2099-06-04 - the 3 of us were sitting out in my pool listening to the near by fireworks. i was looking up at the stars when i noticed on begin to m
  • 2070-11-15 - We Had An Alien Trapped!
  • 2069-07-15 - my report is about a sighting on 7/15/1969 at 10:30pm where the sky lit up like day as bright as noon for about 5 minutes no sound was
  • 2015-07-31 - 3 objects with lights, spotted in triangular formation while driving on RT 287.
  • 2008-02-04 - ((HOAX??)) i noticed two blue round lights flying west that glowed.
  • 2006-01-27 - hovering white lite with blue lites slowly rotating around it no sound
  • 2005-03-16 - My daughter and I were in the hottub, looking at the sky. There were 2 objects gray in color flying west to east pretty fast. They had
  • 2005-03-16 - My dad and I were in the hottub. We were looking at the moon and saw a grayish sguare and oval shape. It was going across the sky fast.
  • 2004-12-23 - Very bright static light with multi-colors.
  • 2004-08-31 - 2 spherical lights in the northwest sky ((NUFORC Note: Result of earlier missile launch. PD))
  • 2000-11-12 - Large green light blurs across the night sky in populated NJ area. UFO or spacegarbage, either way it was an awesome sight.


Somerville is a suburb of Boston.
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