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Latest sightings in Tucson:
  • 2099-11-17 - Sighting of large flying triangle north of Tucson AZ
  • 2099-10-27 - blue gree ball spotted over house from first witness, second witness saw only a foreball slowly descending
  • 2099-10-05 - Dark unlit object streaking across Tucson sky at unbelievable speed.
  • 2099-10-04 - bright light flashed on, moved slightly to right, dissipated, light lingered briefly
  • 2099-09-18 - Walking on our ten acres toward our business I noticed a shinny,bright object hovering near power lines. The color was chrome like and
  • 2099-08-01 - Saw a large silver object while pumping gas. Purchased a camara at the am/pm store and took a roll of film. While filming, saw severa
  • 2099-07-10 - object traveled at treetop level west untill it was due south of our home. It then sank below the tree line. About 10 minutes later it
  • 2099-02-10 - A possible jet contrail ot other.
  • 2098-10-14 - At approx. 10:00 Pm, we were sitting on the porch off an upstairs bedroom facing the eastern sky. I was standing looking at the stars
  • 2098-09-30 - original call 9-30-98-Saw 5 lights in crooked 'J' form. ZOOM from north to south.No sound.Light constant-NOT meteoric in appearance.See
  • 2098-08-31 - Pair of objects flying side by side.
  • 2098-07-25 - 3 green/blue, non flashing lights hung in the N/W Tucson sky, the space between the objects varrying as they hovered.
  • 2098-07-24 - we were sitting in our hot tub gazing at stars and looked up and saw this low intense white fireball moving north as an
  • 2098-06-19 - Weird Light Beam
  • 2098-05-31 - Was driving south on I-10, fire and smoke rings coming off of object. A cone shaped object slowed down 400 feet next to the left side
  • 2098-03-09 - I was traveling east coming home from work and saw three bright, white lights in the SW sky. They were appeared to be about the size o
  • 2098-01-24 - 5 lights maneuvering around each other, all caught on video, and seen on the news
  • 2098-01-19 - a large glowing object shot across sky from se to nw but when it came out of clouds it stopped buzzed around a bit and had lights to bi
  • 2097-11-15 - Traveling east on Speedway Blvd. and saw a bright white/yellow object with a red streaking tail traveling low from southwest to northea
  • 2097-08-29 - As we traveled the 10e freeway to Tucson the cheveron shaped craft approahed us as if it was going to land on the highway
  • 2097-08-20 - Erratic movement not found in conventional aircraft
  • 2097-07-15 - I saw one triangular shaped craft, it had two very big randomly flashing lights(bluish white color).
  • 2097-03-17 - 25 miles west of Tucson, Az. Strange orange balls in a triangle pattern, in march of 1997.
  • 2097-03-13 - We saw unidentified lights that didn't blink or make noise and moved very, very quickly.
  • 2096-07-15 - Mother Ship/ Appeared as a Star. ((NUFORC Note: Possible star sighting, we believe, given the duration of the event. PD))
  • 2095-08-08 - Man witnesses "blimp w/ reddish & yellow lights" in sky SW of Tucson. (Detailed data not provided.)
  • 2095-01-01 - 120-140 ft, X 35-40 ft, X 30 ft, triangler craft, metalic colored, 4 lights directly down the center with 2 strobes and 3 very large li
  • 2089-10-16 - giant ball of fire seen over tucson hour after dark around 1989
  • 2089-05-10 - We chased Giant Gray Cubes through the desert near Tucson, AZ.
  • 2088-07-01 - I saw a very large, dark gray triangular shaped object in daylight, which was not identifiable.
  • 2088-07-01 - One extremely large, dark gray triangular shaped object with no lights or markings on it over Tucson, AZ. (1988)
  • 2086-09-20 - Paired blue halos ascend rapidly and silently.
  • 2086-07-20 - Lights and beems over AZ desert
  • 2080-06-08 - a bunch of us were outside building a gazebo & working on the garden when i was on the roof of the gazebo taking a break... looking alm
  • 2074-06-01 - UFO emerges from behind a single cloud
  • 2072-11-08 - Dark triangular object emitting "dread", searching for something, then challenges USAF base security.
  • 2072-08-02 - A bright steadily flashing light traveled across the dark sky then turned its direction toward me and hovered about 25' in front of me
  • 2071-07-22 - just after midnight ,craft travling about 45 mph,at 100ft from north to south on the west side of the waste dumps at pima mine 30 mile
  • 2068-01-08 - driving home from old tucson w/ parents looked out window(night)to left saw a round shape with dif. colored lites around come up above
  • 2064-06-19 - Early 60's Triangle Craft
  • 2063-07-02 - Large blimp like object 1960's
  • 2063-04-01 - Observed in western sky @ about 100 ft. flying to the south at about 10 to25 mph Flying in formation as geese would fly
  • 2060-05-01 - Lights only, no sound, moving across the night sky, then making a series of perfect right angle turns, like plowing a field.
  • 2059-07-15 - Gold round oject floated over our house
  • 2016-07-07 - Star-like objects pass over Tucson
  • 2016-06-02 - Bright yellow pulsating light, 3 sec. And exploded into a white light.
  • 2016-05-19 - To the N of Tucson saw a still light suspended in the sky. It appeared to be moving ever so slowly. ((anonymous report))
  • 2016-05-11 - A bright green light surrounded by red lights hovered over NW Tucson.


Tucson [1] (pronounced TOO-sawn) is the second-largest city in the state of Arizona, one of the United States of America. At an elevation of 2,400 feet, is has slightly cooler temperatures than its desert cousin, Phoenix. It is situated in the biologically diverse Sonoran Desert. With a population of 486,699 (2000 Census) in Tucson and 843,746 in the metro area, Tucson was the 32nd fastest growing of 280 metropolitan areas from 1990-2000.
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