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Latest sightings in Union City:
  • 2099-12-04 - Dec.04 99 Explosion over Bir.Ala.
  • 2099-05-19 - at first we thought it was a star,but it was moving in a downward direction and it was slowly changing color from white to red and blue
  • 2096-07-03 - we ar more primitive than we think!
  • 2010-10-11 - Opposing lights of amber that sliently crossed low in the sky.
  • 2009-11-22 - Unknown Aircraft Hoovers in Silence
  • 2006-12-16 - it was shape shifting or sevral hundred objects where moving in complete sycronized rythm but it was large who could have missed this.
  • 2006-11-21 - A bright light falls from the sky over New Jersey.
  • 2006-03-04 - My mother was sitting on the front porch at about midnight, and noticed a very bright, strange, glowing light, she looked over and saw a solid red ball, floating above the street about 3 ft. in the air. She new it wasn't a car light, since there were no cars around at all, and the object was completely solid.
  • 2004-12-23 - It was about 5 O'clockof a cold December day. then about 4-6 different flying objects i saw in the distance. 1 was like a bright orange and the rest were long shaped and a grayish color
  • 2004-06-12 - it was at night
  • 2004-04-19 - a radient flying object passed over a couple buildings.
  • 2004-01-17 - Girating ,shape changing ufos bouncing in the Bay Area sky with military planes monitoring the situation.
  • 2003-01-08 - Object enter triangular light, then light pinch shut.
  • 2001-07-05 - Blue and red diamonds in sky and futuristic-looking car in sky.
  • 2000-01-03 - me and a friend were target shooting and saw saw this thing in the sky

Union City

Union City [1] is in the South Bay portion of the San Francisco Bay Area region of California.
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