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Latest sightings in Waterloo:
  • 2095-07-20 - Three distinctive illuminated lines hover above in the sky and quickly disappear towards the horizon.
  • 2089-07-25 - Swift moving metallic orb, traveling East to West.
  • 2079-12-29 - light moving oddly in straight line.
  • 2016-06-29 - Strange orange light appeared and mysteriously disappeared above clouds immediately.
  • 2016-04-21 - ((HOAX??)) I saw 15-25 silvery greenish figures flying around the sky. Attempted to follow them. ((anonymous))
  • 2015-07-29 - Looked like 15-16 spheres which had translucent colors. Rotated around each each other slowly then disappeared; reappeared.
  • 2010-10-15 - Bright orange orb quickly passing close by without sound.
  • 2010-08-29 - Two mysterious objects flying near Waterloo
  • 2009-02-08 - Clear night. I saw a very bright light in the western sky. the object moved closer than farther away than just hovered there. It change
  • 2008-04-06 - Shape becomes 2 lights flying in an erratic pathway while doing semi circles.
  • 2006-11-21 - Triangular Craft with Bright LED-like flashers moving west over I-90
  • 2006-11-19 - silent objest with rippling effect
  • 2006-08-05 - Bright White/Sliver Cigar Shaped Craft sighted Iowa
  • 2006-08-05 - White Cigar Shaped Craft seen over Waterloo, Iowa
  • 2006-05-02 - Whilst standing in a car park talking to a friend at around 23h00 we both saw something flying quite low and very fast with three white lights directed to the ground.
  • 2006-01-15 - White spherical object and missing time
  • 2005-07-10 - LIGHTS IN THE NIGHT SHY
  • 2005-07-10 - LIGHTS IN THE NIGHT SHY
  • 2004-06-28 - Strange triangle like plane that moved really really fast!
  • 2003-12-28 - Very fast, silent, moving craft enveloped by vapor, @ about 8000 feet AGL traveling SW to NW then W
  • 2003-10-07 - They had flashy lights
  • 2002-11-02 - Two points of light chased by helicopters over Lake Greenwood, South Carolina


Waterloo is a historic town in the Walloon province of Walloon Brabant in Belgium (close to Brussels). It was near the city of Waterloo that Napoleon lost his last battle. There is now a lion statue on an artificial hill marking that spot. From top of the hill one has a nice view over the old battle fields. There is also a museum located next to it. The lion is made from the steel of Napoleons canons. The emperor has been fought by the english, though they had much help, including the flemis that made up the first line in battle.
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