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Latest sightings in Yonkers:
  • 2099-10-14 - I was watching a star like object moving very slowly
  • 2088-03-17 - YONKERS, NY
  • 2087-10-15 - Silent rectangular football field sized object fling at about 1000 feet with 6 groups of lights on bottom and across stern
  • 2084-07-01 - 6-8 light formation moving slowly w/o sound
  • 2080-05-15 - Moved slowly over rooftops in early evening,
  • 2075-11-20 - A fast object in the night sky
  • 2058-06-15 - venus' dark side...
  • 2016-04-02 - Cluster of fireball objects.
  • 2016-02-17 - White star-like, comet-like object with white trail.
  • 2015-10-24 - Blue orb in sky over Yonkers, NY.
  • 2015-04-01 - There was a sudden ball of light that glowed green and blue at incredible speeds across the sky for about 2 seconds and disappeared.
  • 2010-10-19 - silvery circular object suspended high in the sky
  • 2006-10-14 - Radiant White object viewed in sky from Bronx River Parkway in Yonkers
  • 2006-06-10 - Gray disk like object two black circles along it's side.Object moves in a short wave like motion.Sighting time was 8:29pm Sunset was 8:17pm Moon last quarter.
  • 2006-02-22 - For the past few months, I've done a nightly walk around my neighborhood, consisting of roughly 1.8-2.4 miles and lasting 30-40 minutes
  • 2006-02-02 - I was home sitting on my couch with my back to the window when my daughter (about 12 then) looked up at me and her eyes passed my glance and her mouth flew wide open...I was afraid to turn around!
  • 2005-11-25 -
  • 2005-10-31 - Orange ball of light when noticed, became dark, had white and red strobe lights and pursued me
  • 2005-08-22 - Watching Venus run...
  • 2004-10-16 - Over the hudson river. ((NUFORC Note: Probably advertising lights. PD))
  • 2004-07-12 - Mind Controlled by Aliens
  • 2004-04-20 - silver top, black base. moving in circular motions slowly
  • 2003-11-08 - Right half of arrow.
  • 2002-03-11 - I watched a diamond shaped craft hover for about 10 minutes, and captured some of it on video.


Yonkers is in Westchester County and the fourth largest city in New York state.
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